17 Aug 2012

Strawberry Muffins

Yesterday I suddenly felt like baking something for myself but didn't want to go out and buy a load of special ingredients so I simply batched together the few things I had and created some strawberry muffins (I didn't use quite enough flour to get proper rise top muffins, but I already added some extra to the list of ingredients below):

Ingredients: 100g butter (room temp) - 75g sugar - 3 eggs - 150g flour - 1 heaped teaspoon baking powder - 40g mixed nuts (chopped) - 100g chopped strawberries
Decoration: 50g icing sugar - 1 teaspoon water - whole strawberries
Preheat the oven to 180°C (fan).
1) Mix together the butter and sugar until very smooth.
2) Gradually add the eggs while continuing the mixing.
3) Combine flour and baking powder and add to the batter.
4) Fold in the nuts and chopped strawberries until just combined.
5) Fill the batter into your muffin cups or a lined muffin tin and bake for half an hour.
6) Stir together the icing sugar and the water until smooth (add a few drops of food colouring if you like).
7) Decorate the muffins with the icing and add the whole strawberries on top.