1 Aug 2012

What to wear in the summer that isn't a summer

(1) Peter Storm Floral Wellies for £25 (2) Hunter RHS Original in Black Mix for £75 (3) Polka dot wellies for £27.99 
(4) Hunter Original Gloss in Fuchsia for £85 (5) Hunter Original Gloss in Citrus for £85 (6) Cath Kidston Victoria Rose Wellies for £38
Wellies are an excellent way to look pretty and still stay dry in the rainy summer we're currently going through - I have first hand experience at the super rapid soaking of ballerinas. Staying away from the classic plain black and gloomy winter wellies, I have picked my favourite 6 (of all price ranges) that I consider more than summer appropriate. Whether it be at a festival, running errands, going into town or walking the dog, these will always make you look good (except in a bar or club maybe - haha) and keep your feet decently dry.

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