25 Sep 2012

Guest Posts Wanted!

Hello lovelies, I need your help! I am a bit overwhelmed with work and going from LOADS of spare time to LITTLE spare time and I currently find myself struggling to prepare a post every day. Weekends are already officially considered time off now and I usually just create a post at work or in the little non-tired time I have at night but I would love to be able to keep this blog running and I probably just need a little time to catch up and get things sorted out. This is where you come in. Please help me and email me with guest post ideas. I would super appreciate that! I am very open to almost all kinds of topics (life, love, baking, nails, DIY, fashion, shopping, advice, and so on), however, I will obviously review your posts beforehand and reserve myself the right to decline any posts but I am sure you are all sweet girls with lots of lovely ideas so DON'T BE SHY!! Big kiss, May.

1 comment:

  1. What a cute, fun idea. I will be thinking of something.