8 Sep 2012

Preparing for the iPhone

Pretty Backgrounds
I have had one and the same blackberry for the entire smartphone era now. At first I thought I would never want to change to the iPhone because my BB was my everything (although that sounds bad, I couldn't imagine going anywhere without it). 
Over the years iPhone and Android phones have developed significantly while my BB seems to be the same as it was 4 years ago. Particularly the BB App World is a huge disappointment and the map feature is not half as good as the iPhone's. Now, with the new iPhone 5 coming out soon, I am really hoping to score some good deal on the iPhone 4 and for this very case, I am already preparing myself by searching for apps that I might like, pretty screensavers like the above one from eatdrinkchic.com and iPhone cases and bumpers. See my favourites below. I really really cannot wait to change from BB to iPhone very soon!!!
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Alphabet iPhone Cover


  1. How funny I have got the same plans for scoring an Iphone4. I am actually observing my friends and try to negotiate with the ones that plan to buy the IPhone5.;) My HTC Androide phone is quite okay, but...

  2. It's all the darling iphone accessories, that actually want to make me get an iphone! They barely have anything that cute for the Samsung S2! -Jessica