24 Sep 2012

Sponsor Call

Who wants to be All Things Pretty sponsor in October, hands up! I swap ads for free, they all have the same size (180 x 120 px) and I am relatively open to whom I take on. Ads usually stay on the blog for an entire month and if I find the time (which I usually do), I will do a sponsor post at the end of the month where I introduce everyone very shortly. 

If you are interested, please email me, attach your button, the link to your blog, and an info about which button size you need from me. I will get back to you with confirmation of the ad swap and my own button as soon as possible, but definitely before Oct 1. I will swap with anyone whose blog I consider interesting.

If you currently are an All Things Pretty sponsor and want to go on for another month, please let me know via email and attach a new button if you want to refresh it.

Ads are given away on a first come first serve basis and I will have no more than max. 11 sponsors at once. I look forward to hearing from you guys!! Big kiss, May.

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