31 Oct 2012

What's In My Purse?

I see these posts every once in a while and they always interest me somehow. It is not because I feel I need to know what you guys carry around with you, it's just such a funny little world - a handbag - that sometimes it makes perfect sense what you find in there and other times it's just totally, hilariously random. A couple of times, while looking at posts like this on other blogs, I thought to myself 'Ah I need this in my handbag, too, badly! That is really clever and useful!!' and I actually ended up altering my handbag contents accordingly. Well, now I am sharing my weekend bag with you. Enjoy :)

30 Oct 2012

Pumpkin Cupcakes

I made pumpkin cupcakes last weekend and they were extremely delicious so I thought I would share them with you. I found the recipe here, but I made regular icing instead of the special maple syrup icing which was suggested in the original recipe. As you can see, I failed miserably in attempting to make orange icing by using red and yellow food colouring, however, the flavour of the final cupcake was amazing and seriously addictive. 

For all my UK readers, I found Libby's pumpkin puree at Waitrose whose customer services were very helpful in telling me which stores stock this product because not all of them do.

26 Oct 2012

Liebster Blog Award

The lovely Sil from Love n Lavish AND the sweet Jackellyn from In the waiting Line awarded me with the Liebster Blog Award!!! Thank you so much guys! Because I didn't really want to do 2 different features, I am simply combining your 2 nominations.
The Liebster Blog Award is given to bloggers by bloggers. It is a way to acknowledge each other and say “you’re doing a great job”. It is for blogs with 200 or less followers, so it’s also a great way to spread the word about smaller blogs and get them more readers and followers!
When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person(s) who nominated you. You pass the Award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions. You’re not allowed to nominate the blog(s) who nominated you!

11 random facts:
1. I often tell people off for smoking. It's just not good for you.
2. I sometimes just lie in bed and listen to my ipod with earphones in. It calms me.
3. I love pickles (gherkins, onions, baby corn and so on). LOVE.
4. I like doing the ironing. Only with the TV on though.
5. I can't cook. But my baking is decent.
6. Christmas is my favourite holiday and I buy presents no later than November.
7. I am very impatient with others and myself.
8. I prefer gummibears over chocolate. Haribos are my favourites.
9. I am easily grossed out by weird foods.
10. I prefer making gifts rather than receiving them.
11. I have the most amazing view over London from my living room windows.

11 questions to answer:
1. If you had to choose one makeup item for the rest of your life what would it be?
Difficult one, but probably my Clinique Cream Shaper for eyes in black. I look sleepy without.
2. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you buy?
A Chanel 2.55.
3. How did you meet your best friend or significant other?
In a pub in Soho. He asked if I wanted a drink. I did. Lucky.
4. Chocolate or Vanilla? (Or other?)
5. What is the most meaningful gift you have ever received?
My Nan’s vintage pearl necklace. It is so beautiful and has been through so much. I love it.
6. What is your favourite book and why?
Many. One of them The Accidental by Ali Smith because it cracks me up a lot when I read it.
7. If you could live anywhere for a year other then where you live now where would that be? Why?
New York. Because I have never been and because it seems exciting. It may just be the movies though.
8. What TV series do you love and have seen every episode of?
Sex and the City and How I Met Your Mother – equally. Own them all on DVD as well J
9. Favorite online shop to buy from and why?
Amazon because they have everything. Seemingly.
10. What car do you wish you had?
A red Mini with a Union Jack on the roof. Or an old VW Beetle in black – convertible.
11. Do you collect anything? What is it and why do you love to collect it?
It is probably fair to say that I kind of collect essie nailpolishes.

My 11 nominees:
1. Emily from Tea Tree Vintage
2. Kelly from Kelly Elizabeth
3. Lauren from Lauryn Green
4. Emily from Crafty Girl
5. Jasmin from The Cosy White Cottage
6. Natasha from Picablocks
7. Livia from The Beauty of Fashion
8. Chloe from By The Lock
9. Sofia from Little Brown Paper Bag
10. Olivia from Livicupcake
11. Jesse from Well It's Ok

My 11 questions that need your responses:
1. If you could pick any holiday destination, where would you go and why?
2. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
3. Do you have a favourite recipe? Care to share?
4. If you won a ton of cash in the lottery, what would be your first purchase?
5. What is your favourite book?
6. And your favourite movie?
7. Which one is the best DIY you have ever seen or done?
8. How would your friends describe you in 4 words?
9. Do you think that each colour of the m&m's tastes different?
10. What is the craziest thing you have ever seen or done?
11. If you could time travel into another decade or century which would it be and where?

25 Oct 2012

French Card Affair

Look at these cute French themed cards. In my opinion, cards are always a good idea and these have such a pretty design and  artwork. Love them!!! You can buy them here where there is loads more other pretty stationery as well!

24 Oct 2012

Pumpkin Gingernsap Cookies

Ingredients: 100g butter (room temp) - 150g granulated sugar (+ some extra) - 200g pumpkin purée - 80g golden syrup - 1 large egg - 1 teaspoon vanilla extract - 200g flour - 2 teaspoons baking powder - 2 teaspoons cinnamon - 1 ½ teaspoons ground ginger - 1 teaspoon ground cloves -  ½ teaspoon salt
[1] Thoroughly mix together the butter and the sugar until fluffy and creamy. Gradually add the pumpkin, the syrup, the egg and vanilla extract while mixing commences.
[2] In a different bowl, stir together the flour, baking powder, spices and salt. Gradually mix this flour mix into the butter mixture until well combined. Wrapped in cling film, refrigerate the cookie dough for at least an hour and at most 36 hours.
[3] Preheat the oven at 180°C and line your baking trays with parchment paper. Prepare a small bowl with granulated sugar. Form tablespoon sized dough balls using 2 tablespoons and roll them in the bowl of sugar until well coated. Place the dough balls on the baking trays (leave room between) and bake for 10-12 minutes. If your cookies are still quite soft on the bottom after they cooled down, simply leave in the oven for another 10 minutes at a lower temperature. This will dry them out a little without making them crumbly dry all over.
Done! Yum!

23 Oct 2012

Happy Birthday

It's my birthday today!!! Hoooorray!!! I might do another mini post tonight, but for the time being I am going to enjoy my day despite being at work. And although I am now officially closer to 30 than 20, I am still asked for ID when buying cider. All is good. I hope you all have a wonderful day! xox

Source: Audrey in Funny Face

22 Oct 2012

Candy Corn Mania

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 
Not long and it will be Halloween. Do you have any cool parties coming up? I found all of these cute candy corn related images that would certainly turn any regular into a fun Halloween bash. Combined with these pumpkin carving ideas and these party treat ideas, you'll be more than adequately prepared for you own little Halloween Party.

19 Oct 2012

Pumpkin Carving

It's that time again ladies, we need to find inspirations for our pumpkin craving evenings! Although I find pumpkins a bit smelly and gross on the inside, it is a lot of fun making these oddball decorations for Halloween. And while simple faces are boring, really complex scenes can be very challenging. Here is my inspiration board for this year. Sources can be found via my Pinterest Autumn & Halloween Board.

18 Oct 2012

Top Knots

Being a total topknot girl myself (it simply works every day whether I have a bad hair day or just a normal day), I adore these gouache top knot paintings by Elizabeth Mayville. Click here to buy her work on Etsy.

17 Oct 2012

Style Crush | Alexa

Alexa Chung brought us the wonderful, adorable Peter Pan collar which was at its height of being fashionable in A/W '11 and S/S '12 and now she's just added some studs.  Somehow she always looks like she doesn't care one bit about what the press thinks about her or whether her looks are 'en vogue'. She simply wears what she loves herself and what she feels comfortable in. Be that a tweed skirt matched with a boyfriend sweater, a floaty skirt with a cosy merino wool jumper (+PP collar), a comfy jeans and cardigan outfit made pretty and girly by adding a polka dot blouse and so on. And always the black Chanel 2.55 on hand. Can it get better? Hardly.
Sources here on my STYLE Pinterest board.

16 Oct 2012

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

After I already made these and these chocolate chip cookies [CCC] I started preparing yet another recipe a few days ago. It said to refrigerate the cookie dough for up to 36 but at least 24 hours. So that's what I did, impatiently waiting for the time to pass. On several blogs I had read that these are the best ever CCC and they didn't lie. These cookies are absolutely amazingly delicious. The number one key to cookie perfection, however, is to stick with the recipe (although I slightly reduced the sugar and only used baking powder, no baking soda) and particularly the long refrigeration time is VERY IMPORTANT to get the cookies as delicious as possible!!!! You can find the recipe here.

15 Oct 2012

The Little Black Jacket

I am a huuuuuge fan of Chanel, the little black dress, the 2.55, tweed jackets with matching skirts, pearls and so on. If I could I would wear nothing but Chanel. Sadly my purse is too small. Yesterday, Joe and I took a trip to the Saatchi Gallery to see Lagerfeld's photo exhibition The Little Black Jacket. I absolutely loved it, we were given free posters of 3 of the photographs and here are some of my favourite moments for you.

Photographed in the Saatchi Gallery, London. Artwork by Karl Lagerfeld.

12 Oct 2012

Glittery Party Nails

Ready for a Friday night out on the town? No? Follow these simple steps to get there a little more quickly.
[1] Find yourself a nailpolish, a transparent topcoat, some glitter and a small paint brush.
[2] Prepare your nails, painting them in one colour and adding a layer of topcoat. Let everything dry.
[3] Put some extra topcoat onto the tips of your fingernails and sprinkle glitter on them. Once the topcoat has dried, brush off any excess glitter.
[4] Add some more topcoat just to the very upper tip of your nail and apply some more glitter using the paintbrush. If the glitter isn't sticking well, dip it slightly into the topcoat first. Optional: add another layer of topcoat all over your nails to make the glitter last for more than just one party night.

11 Oct 2012

Best Boots Ever

I have been looking for a lovely pair of studded ankle boots for some time now. Finally I have now found the shoe of my dreams. A few weeks ago I showed you these booties in beige (here and here) but because of its colour and the fact that it is suede, I concluded it would be a nightmare to deal with in A/W weather (rain, snow, muddy puddles and slushy snow). About a week ago, I browsed the internet and found this black version. Sadly it was sold out in every Zara on Oxford Street and I had to chase down every single London Zara for a pair in my size. Eventually, my quest was successful though and I am the happy owner of these absolutely lovely ankle boots! May the winter come!

10 Oct 2012

Halloween Preparations

Firstly: Hooray!!!! I broke the 50 readers mark! Thank you all for following my blog and being such sweet readers. Your comments are always very much appreciated and if you have any question at all, please do not hesitate to ask me!!! Secondly, Halloween is creeping up rapidly and it is time to look into those scary treats and spooky drinks now to be prepared for the actual day! Here are my 10 favourite Halloween ideas for this year! Watch out for some home made creepy cupcakes soon on this blog as I can't wait to get my hands on some orange and green food colouring!! Sources for the above can be found on my Autumn Pinterest Board.

8 Oct 2012

With Love from Sweden

Due to my recent lack of shopping budget, I have pretty much tried to avoid any type of shop and so it is that I realized too late how pretty the H&M Autumn 2012 collection actually is. Not only am I a huge fan of Lana del Rey who is presenting some of these lovely pieces, but I am also deeply in love with deep dark reds and purples, peplums, tweed, floral prints and thick wool knit sweaters. I will rush to the next H&M first thing after work today and see if I can still snatch up some of these awesome pieces.

5 Oct 2012

My Make Up Routine

[Foundation] First I apply a light moisturiser. I am a huge fan of NIVEA which is why most of my facial products such as wash gels and creams are from them. Depending on my skin condition and / or the current climate I either apply my Garnier BB cream or a foundation. Currently I use True Match by L'Oréal Paris, which I really like very much. Afterwards I smoothen out an blemishes with my Garnier Pure Active Concealer and roll some Garnier eye brightener if there are any dark circles under my eyes. I usually use a loose powder to finish off this foundation routine.
[Eyebrows] After I have brushed all of the excess foundation and powder out of my eyebrows, I apply a brown eyebrow gel and fill in any gaps (oops tweezers accident) with an eyebrow pencil.
[Eyes] I pretty much always apply a light eyeshadow and a black or grey kohl eyeliner (Clinique's Cream Shaper is the best by miles). I never usually buy the same mascara more than 3 or 4 times as I haven't found the perfect one yet, but they all have one thing in common: they are waterproof. The current one baffles me every morning cause it has 2 brushes in the same tube immediately above each other. How does it work????
[Cheeks] Depending on how I feel or how I look I either apply a light pink or apple red blush. Most often I use the red one because I think it makes me look much more alive.

4 Oct 2012

I'm singing in the rain

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8
Now that the days are getting shorter, the evenings darker and the sky wetter, I usually always carry an umbrella around with me. Obviously the small foldy ones are the best for when you go around town and are not expecting any more than a light shower. In London, however, it may be raining 3 days straight and in those cases you are looking for something more protective and stable enough to withstand a little wind. I have picked my 7 favourite umbrellas to share with you!

3 Oct 2012

Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

Today's Style List in Stylist magazine was all about raising breast cancer awareness. Although I am obviously smitten by all of these pretty pink things, I realize that raising breast cancer awareness is important. I have had my first scare at the age of 18 when my doctor discovered lumps in my chest. Luckily (so far) they have all been benign and I can relax, however, I have been 'aware' ever since. My favourites off of the above list are the heart-print ceramic travel mug, the pink kitchen aid and the essie nailpolishes (see below). 
What are your pink picks?

My birthday is on the 23rd so maybe I should get 'check-up'!?!

Polka Dot Dot Dot

This week I guestposted over at Emily's lovely blog Tea Tree Vintage. Pop over there for my Polka Dot Dot Dot manicure tutorial in pretty mint and grey. Perfectly subtle and muted for autumn and yet stylish and more special than just a regular manicure.

2 Oct 2012

Something Old, Something New

What a wonderfully rustic, yet modern living room. I am loving the flower sofa and the white brick wall with those seemingly random Sframed photos. And the high ceiling (although it's a nightmare to get spiders out of the top corners). Very beautiful.

1 Oct 2012

Eton Mess

Last night I made some dessert for Joe and myself and because I wanted it to be a fast, yummy and sweet thing, I made some quick Eton Mess. It is soooo delicious, takes only about 5 minutes to prepare and is the perfect mixture between fruit, sugar and cream. Recipe here.