12 Oct 2012

Glittery Party Nails

Ready for a Friday night out on the town? No? Follow these simple steps to get there a little more quickly.
[1] Find yourself a nailpolish, a transparent topcoat, some glitter and a small paint brush.
[2] Prepare your nails, painting them in one colour and adding a layer of topcoat. Let everything dry.
[3] Put some extra topcoat onto the tips of your fingernails and sprinkle glitter on them. Once the topcoat has dried, brush off any excess glitter.
[4] Add some more topcoat just to the very upper tip of your nail and apply some more glitter using the paintbrush. If the glitter isn't sticking well, dip it slightly into the topcoat first. Optional: add another layer of topcoat all over your nails to make the glitter last for more than just one party night.