3 Oct 2012

Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

Today's Style List in Stylist magazine was all about raising breast cancer awareness. Although I am obviously smitten by all of these pretty pink things, I realize that raising breast cancer awareness is important. I have had my first scare at the age of 18 when my doctor discovered lumps in my chest. Luckily (so far) they have all been benign and I can relax, however, I have been 'aware' ever since. My favourites off of the above list are the heart-print ceramic travel mug, the pink kitchen aid and the essie nailpolishes (see below). 
What are your pink picks?

My birthday is on the 23rd so maybe I should get 'check-up'!?!


  1. I was looking for all the breast cancer colors, but I don't see them out yet in the stores here. I want all the shades of pink and, of course, to support. I'm sure we all have been personally touched by breast cancer. -Jessica L

    1. I haven't found them anywhere yet :(