8 Oct 2012

With Love from Sweden

Due to my recent lack of shopping budget, I have pretty much tried to avoid any type of shop and so it is that I realized too late how pretty the H&M Autumn 2012 collection actually is. Not only am I a huge fan of Lana del Rey who is presenting some of these lovely pieces, but I am also deeply in love with deep dark reds and purples, peplums, tweed, floral prints and thick wool knit sweaters. I will rush to the next H&M first thing after work today and see if I can still snatch up some of these awesome pieces.


  1. I wish i have legs like hers! Yes, peplum is a hot trend now I haven't owned any. ;(

    ps. following you now for more posts. nice to meet you!

    {the Picablocks}

    1. I LOVE peplums. They are so pretty and feminine! And Lana del Rey is definitely the perfect model for this lovely A/W collection.

      Thank you :)