28 Nov 2012

Counting the Days

Not long now and it is finally here: December 1st. Advent is my absolute favourite time of the year and you will be getting a lot of Christmas related blog posts from me for the next few weeks (I hope you don't mind). I love the season's bakery, decorations, smells and festive moods. Since I was a little child, my Mum has (hand-) made Advent Calendars for me and my brothers every single year and since Joe got one for me this year - see here - I will be making one for him, too. Above is my inspiration (links and references can be found on my Winter Pinterest Board) and the actual making-of will follow next week.


  1. I adore all of the DIY advent calendars on Pinterest! I thought it was a new thing but it is so sweet that your mom has been making her own every year!

    1. Advent calendars have huge tradition in Germany! You can obviously always get regular chocolate or paper ones, but from when I was quite little, my friends and I only had hand made ones. I love it :)