7 Nov 2012

October Beauty Haul

Topless & Barefoot - Don't Sweater It - Bobbing for Baubles - Recessionista - Fiesta
Here comes a little overview of all of my October beauty buys, including tops and flops. I did also buy the Zara coat which I showed you last week here and photos of that are to follow. I absolutely adore it, that's for sure. First on my list were 2 shades from the essie stylenomics LE - Recessionista and Don't Sweater It. I spent ages trying to find these 2 colours in my local drugstores but I gave up in the end and simply bought them online from a small seller on Amazon who also had a few of the colours that I have always wanted from previous limited editions (see above). I will show you what they look like on my nails once I have tried them all. Next on my list were some facial products such as a wash gel, toner and moisturiser. A friend of mine recommended the Simple Skincare series and so far I am really happy with it. Particularly the wash gel shows excellent results as it removes my foundation much better than most others I have had. The products are free of perfume which means there is just a subtle soapy smell to the wash gel and almost none to the toner and moisturiser. Right now I am happy.
refreshing facial wash gel - soothing facial toner - hydrating light moisturiser
The next thing I got were 2 tester products. Because my skin is always dry but particularly so during autumn and winter, I got myself a fancy hand moisturiser from Soap & Glory - Hand Food - and so far I am really happy with the product. It keeps what it promises: non-greasy, smooth and soothing. I also had really dry hair these last few weeks so I was looking for a miracle product to help me quickly. I bought a tester sized 3 Minute Miracle by Aussie. The fragrance is a little odd at first but not unpleasant. My hair seems to have definitely recovered slightly after I used the product a couple of times after my normal showering routine.
Soap & Glory Hand Food - Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
The only flop this month is Garnier's (allegedly) waterproof eye make-up remover below. Unfortunately it doesn't keep what it promises and it has not been able to remove my waterproof mascara. On top of this disappointment, it also seems to be a little aggressive and actually makes my eyes go a little sore. I only bought this product because my usual (and much loved) NIVEA waterproof eye make-up remover doesn't seem to be available in UK drugstores. Sadly I cannot recommend this product by Garnier although I usually really like their stuff, particularly the BB Cream and the roll-on concealer.

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