21 Nov 2012

Pretty in Leather

Oasis Faux Leather Ponte Dress - Oasis Leather Cutwork Detail Dress - Whistles Sleeveless Leather Shift Dress - Muubaa Sofia Leather Cowl Dress
Leather is one of this season's hottest fashion materials and there is almost nothing that you cannot get in some sort of leather; skinny trousers, jackets, shorts, cardigans, t-shirts, shirts, skirts and so on. The other day I even saw a leather bra here! Among others, there are many leather dresses popping up in all kinds of shops and I have picked my favourite 4 of which I particularly like the Oasis Leather Cutwork Detail Dress to share with you (the budget ranges from £40 to £379 in the order they are displayed - left to right).

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