29 Nov 2012

Quilted Sleeves

Zara Coat - Topshop Scarf and Hat - Esprit Patent Brogues

A little while ago I told you that I got a new winter coat from Zara and promised to put some pictures on the blog. I have now had the coat for almost a month, I'm very happy with it and have been getting loads of compliments for it. At first, I was a little worried that the quilted stitching on the sleeves would come off really quickly but so far nothing happened and I have only seen 1 other person wearing it (other than this Zara Coat which I am seeing everywhere). Although the wool is quite thin and light, I have not been cold yet and the leather sleeves feel very soft and comfortable.


  1. i just recently found your blog and i must say that i love everything. your photos are fantastic.