23 Nov 2012

Wonderful Wreaths

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers!!!! Here in Europe we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but we are already wrecking our brains to find the best possible way to decorate for Christmas. After I was able to secure myself the Ciaté Advent Calendar yesterday (my boyfriend insisted on giving it to me which is even more brilliant), I am now thinking about making a wreath for our door. Obviously the queen of interior design and arts and crafts (Martha Stewart) knows how it works so I got some inspiration from her website. There are 33 wreath ideas in total and I picked my favourite 6 to share with you. Which one do you like best? And will you be making a wreath for your front door this year?


  1. These are wonderful! I especially love the gingerbread men<3 And that advent calendar you blogged about yesterday is fantastic too!


    1. I am super excited too. The advent calendar is due to be delivered on Monday and the wreath making is going to start very soon!!

  2. Something about pine cone wreaths gets me excited about having a wreath. Unfortunately it's kind of big for my door ( I live in an apartment) and so I have this tiny gold glitter wreath instead. I like your picks!

  3. wonderful inspirations!!
    i love...