7 Dec 2012

Oh Tannenbaum...

Joe and I got a Christmas tree last weekend and couldn't wait to get it all set up in our living room. Because we are on a bit of a budget this year as we are going skiing after Christmas, on a little weekend trip next week and still have to get Christmas presents for all our loved ones, we simply went to IKEA and found that they actually have some really lovely things (see here, here and here). And this is what our tree looks like now. I love it - the snowflake lights especially.

Here you can see that we are still struggling to find the right colour for our living room wall.


  1. For sure it's exciting to get your first christmas tree togehter and going through the trouble of choosing the right one ;o) Yours looks really pretty and the ikea ornaments are really cute! I bought some adorable little robins made from felt at ikea recently... I know a bit cheesy but I counldn't resist. Hope you spend a great weekend where ever you go and have a good 2nd advent.

    1. Felt Robins are wonderful! So cute. Have a wonderful 2nd Avdent Sunday too!!!