31 Jan 2013

Scones with Strawberries and Cream

Have you ever made scones? Originally they are a treat for afternoon tea, just between a bread and a cake, not too sweet, and served with cream and strawberry jam they are super delicious! I used this BBC Food recipe here to make scones this week and they were a real hit even with Joe who isn't usually a fan of cakes and sweets! All you need are 6 standard baking ingredients. Simple!

30 Jan 2013

Limited Edition Alert

You all know I love this hand cream. I have blogged about it before and I will do it again because it is a true treasure. Some of you may dislike the plain silver tube which it usually comes in, so I thought I should share this colourful limited edition with you. I got one for my Mum the other day as her birthday present. Particularly during winter, hand moisturiser should be a must for every woman (and man) and this L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is rich without being greasy, it absorbs rapidly and leaves your hands soft and cared for for hours!

29 Jan 2013

Time for Strappy Sandals

I fell in love with these Zara sandals last night. I don't know about you guys, but I cannot wait to get the sale out of the shops and the wonderful new Spring / Summer styles into the shops. These strappy heels are definitely on my to-buy-list for pay day!!

28 Jan 2013

Tomato Bruschetta

I made tomato bruschetta as a starter for our authentic (= no cream involved) Spaghetti Carbonara dinner on Saturday using this BBC Good Food recipe. I added Taste #5 Umami Dust as well as grated Pecorino cheese to make the mixture perfect. It tasted wonderfully flavoursome and was perfect even the day after (this time oven grilled) for a lunch snack!

25 Jan 2013

Weekly Instagram

My Ciaté Advent calendar fully unwrapped - my favourite perfumes - shooting Muubaa AW '13 at I Heart Studios - marshmallow tree - temporary view from my desk at work - my Christmas present from Joe: French Sole ballerinas - a piggy for good luck in 2013 - essie's Beyond Cozy - sale shopping at FCUK and Cath Kidston - Sunday brunch - candy

24 Jan 2013

DIY Blackboard Tray

This brilliant tutorial by Wit & Whistle is pretty much on the very top of my to do list and I have been meaning to share it with you. All you need is a porcelain tray, mug, bowl or whatever takes your fancy, a brush and a matt blackboard paint. And it is literally as easy as ABC. Let me know if you've tried it yet!

23 Jan 2013

Sweetheart Cookies

Aren't these sweetheart cookies adorable? And what's even better, they can be attached to your tea or coffee mug thanks to the little cut on the side. The cookie cutter can be found here and the recipe (a traditional one from my Nan) is as follows:
Ingredients: 3 egg whites, 300g icing sugar, 400g ground almond (with skin), 1 1/2 tbsp cinnamon
Instructions: Mix together egg whites and icing sugar until creamy. Take a whole coffee mug off of this sugar-egg-mixture and save it for later. Stir the almonds and cinnamon to the remaining sugar-egg-mixture until well combined. This dough should be quite thick and not too sticky. If it is too sticky, you can add a little bit of flour. On a floured surface, roll out the dough to a thickness of about 6-8mm. Cut out your cookies and place on a prepared baking tray. Dry the cookies in the oven for 30 minutes at 130°C. Take them out and let cool for a bit. Now take the cup of sugar-egg mixture and brush onto the cookie top. Leave to dry completely. The cookies will go a bit hard after they have cooled down, but adding a slice of sour dough bread or a slice of apple to the storage box will keep them moist. They will also soften naturally again after about 2 weeks in storage.

22 Jan 2013

Sale Bargain

My number one sale bargain this winter is this lovely Texas Tassels Dress by French Connection. Originally £160, reduced to £49 (+ a 20% off email voucher). I will be wearing this lovely dress in just a couple of weeks for a Prohibition Party where we'll be celebrating a friends birthday. Now I really just need a few pearl necklaces, long gloves as well as a headband and I'll be back in the 20s.

18 Jan 2013

Holiday Instagram - Holigram

This is my Christmas holiday Instagram collection. As you may know, I went skiing in the Alps near Munich with my entire family, a few family friends and my boyfriend. It was so wonderful and lots of fun to spend all this time out there in the snow!! Afterwards Joe and I spent a few days in Munich, celebrating his birthday, visiting the museums (Pinakotheken and BMW) and basically just having a good time.

17 Jan 2013

Valentine's Delight

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
Valentine's Day is only a few short weeks away now and I have found the perfect present  for all of you ladies out there (although slightly pricey, but who can put a price on love, right?). Joe and I don't really make a big deal of the day as we don't see why we should spend money on overpriced restaurant menus etc, so usually we just cook a lovely dinner for ourselves and watch a film or go for cocktails. However, for all of those who do expect a big night from their partners, you may want to suggest this as your desired token of love :) The rings are all by a designer called Sabrina Dehoff who makes the most lovely and individual pieces of jewellery.

16 Jan 2013

Winter Trip to Budapest

Hello everyone! I'm back, at least for now. My first few posts will be catching up with all the things I have been up to during December / my Christmas holiday. Joe and I went for a mini break in Budapest just a week before our actual holiday from work. Originally Sweden was going to be our desired destination but we discovered that Budapest is a beautiful, historic and interesting city just perfect for a weekend trip. It has just enough sights to fill a few days, it has beautiful thermal spas all over the place (scroll down to the bottom) and a relatively big Christmas Market where we spent most our evenings. I hope you'll enjoy my little selection of photos!!
The old town.

View of the city from a mountain on which the old town is situated.

Checking directions.

Beautiful lamp posts all over the city.

Mulled wine on the Christmas Market.

Hungarian Christmas Market speciality: Kurtoskalacs (i.e. Chimney Cake)

Budapest's Széchenyi Thermal Spa with outside pool. It was so beautiful and relaxing. I loved it!!