28 Feb 2013

I'm Seeing Pink!

I have a new Pinboard on Pinterest and it is entirely dedicated to pink things. Although I am not usually a girly girl, I love pink and particularly when it comes in the form of food, decoration and accessories. If you are intrigued, do check out my new board and start repinning!!

27 Feb 2013

Raspberry Chocolate Gateau

The second dessert for last week's Valentine's dinner were these chocolate raspberry pods. I used this recipe here (I already showed it to you about a week ago here). Instead of one huge cake, I made to little pods by simply baking the cake and cutting out 4 round pieces (bonus: you can eat the cut offs straight away). Together with my cocoa butter cream I layered these on top of each other and added the raspberries. I actually mixed some silver edible fluster into the butter cream, but that wasn't visible at all in the final version. By the way, I didn't use the butter cream mixture described in the recipe, but my own for which you find instructions here.

26 Feb 2013

Shoe Love

My current shoe love is anything metallic or white with a heel and an ankle strap (excluding the pair of sweet French Sole flats I bought myself at LFWEnd) such as this pair of Kurt Geiger ELLA heels. Those shoes tick almost every single box of S/S 2013 trends such as the monochrome, the metallic and the strappy shoe. It is a right shame they are not in my budget for this month!

25 Feb 2013


Somerset House

Last weekend I worked at London Fashion Weekend which is basically a huge designer sample sale immediately after LFW in the same locations as LFW: Somerset House. It was a lot of fun to swap the office for the shop area for a weekend and not only did we manage to sell off a lot of our stock, my colleague and I were also invited to a LFWEnd Designer Afterparty in the penthouse suite May Fair Hotel with lots of free champagne and canapés. Although I am now hugely tired, I did enjoy myself and even snatched up a little bargain myself (these cuties here).
Impressions of LFWEnd

One of our Muubaa rails

Trend Catwalk Show styled by Fashion Legend Hilary Alexander

After Party at the May Fair Hotel

22 Feb 2013

Weekly Instagram

St. Paul's Cathedral at night - first feeling of spring in my polka dot dress - making pink cupcakes - Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) - Valentine's candy for everyone in the office - pink champagne for Joe and me - experimenting with rose water... - ...to make panna cotta with rose jelly - Columbia Road flower market with lots of beautiful Spring flowers - the sunnies are out (!!!) - Columbia Road flower market - sun set over London

21 Feb 2013

London Guide: Flowermarket

A weekly London highlight is the Columbia Road flower market. It is on every Sunday between 8am and 2pm and, usually, it is packed. Joe and I come here at least once a month to look for pretty (temporary) colour pops for the house and other, bigger plants to stay with us more permanently. Last Sunday the best sellers were tulips, daffodils and willow catkin. What we were most interested in was a small-ish kumquat tree to go next to our future bar area (still looking for a pretty bar cart). Particularly towards the end of the day, you can get some great bargains here as the stalls want to get rid of their seasonal flowers. There are a number of art galleries, clothes shops, pubs and cafés lining the street which are excellent places to pop in after you're done with the floral entertainment of Columbia Road.

20 Feb 2013

Vitra Wooden Dolls

These wooden Vitra Dolls are the cutest little things for decorating. They are creative, inspiring, never boring and as individual as you and I. Moreover, there is at least one for every taste; some sad, others happy, some realistic, others expressionist, some more colourful others less so and so on. Joe and I are currently deciding which ones we like the most to dedicate a permanent place on our living room bookshelf for them.

19 Feb 2013

Rose Petal Panna Cotta

Joe and I had a little Valentine's dinner last Saturday, and while he planned and prepared the starter and the main (olives and carrots with dip, Moroccon lamb couscous), I had two special desserts prepared from which we could choose our favourite. One of them was this delicious panna cotta topped off with a layer of rose jelly including a red petal. And here's how to make it:
Panna Cotta: 3 gelatine leaves, 250ml milk, 250ml double cream, 25g caster sugar, 1 vanilla pod (split) - Rose Jelly: 1 ½ gelatine leaves, 50ml rose water, 200ml water, red or pink food colouring, rose petals (to garnish)
For the panna cotta, place the gelatine leaves in cold water to soften. Meanwhile, put the milk, double cream and sugar and vanilla pod into a pan and simmer until the sugar has resolved. Remove the vanilla pod from the pan. Squeeze the water from the gelatine leaves, then add them to the pan, taking it off the heat. Stir until dissolved and divide the finished panna cotta between your dessert glasses. Leave to set in the fridge.

For the rose jelly, place the gelatine leaves in cold water to soften. Dilute the rose water with the water, add the sugar and simmer until dissolved. Squeeze the water from the gelatine leaves, then add them to the pan, taking it off the heat. Stir until dissolved and leave to cool in the fridge for a while. If you pour the rose jelly onto the set panna cotta while still warm, you will ruin the transparent effect as the panna cotta will melt into it again. When cooled down but still liquid, pour some rose jelly into each of the glasses and add the petals. Leave to cool in the fridge. Ready!

18 Feb 2013

Easter Egg Party

Not that long now and it will be Easter again. Crazy how time is literally flying away and before you know it the year will be half way over again. Anyway, I am straying. I LOVE decorating the house and although Joe is not quite as enthusiastic about it, I am definitely going to attempt Easter Egg colouring this year and hang them up all over our living room and kitchen. Above you'll find a few lovely suggestions from my Pinterest Easter & Spring Board. My favourite is the top right with the tricoloured, wonderfully cheerful eggs.

15 Feb 2013

Weekly Instagram

Lovely staircase at MC Motors (wish I had one like that in my house) - Showroom sale at the Vitra shop on Old Street - Our Vitra Bargains brought home - Me at the Prohibition Party at the Bloomsbury Ballrooms - Prohibition Party at the Bloomsbury Ballrooms - Cheers! - Gambling with paper money - Favourite lipstick colour - Perfection! - Chinese New Year - Ikea Blueberry Squash - Valentine's at the Hummingbird Bakery

14 Feb 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Usually I am not a Valentine's person at all. Icannot stand the idea of going to a restaurant on the day, sitting around with lots of other fake-smiley couples, paying twice (or even three times) as much as usual for a 3-course menu and having to be cheery all day long. I love romance but I dislike cheesy. However, I do love pink and anything cute and adorable which is whyI made some pink cupcakes for today. Inside they are red velvet and you canfind a recipe for the cakes here andinstructions on how to make buttercream icing here. Just add a littlebit of food colouring and you'll be good to go. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Silicone Cupcake Cases from Habitat. Similar here.

13 Feb 2013

Discovery of the Day

Look at that!!! Aren't these iPhone cases just adorable? I saw them on Etsy (the above sold by a seller called StyleCase) and thought I have to have at least one of them because having a phone accessory like this, can only make it better. I am not sure which colour to go for though and I will spend the day contemplating which one might be the best. Which one is your favourite?

12 Feb 2013

Polka Dotted Fluff

I am loving this H&M jumper today. It looks cosy, fluffy it is polka dotted and black-grey-white which literally goes with everything! Might go out and find it in the real world after work today. What do you think? Any of you already got it?

11 Feb 2013

Happy New Year China!

Last weekend Joe and I attended the Year of the Snake celebrations in London. Apparently they are the biggest Chinese New Year's celebrations outside of China and it certainly was very merry and busy in town. Unfortunately it was also pouring down all day long which turned the celebrations into quite a wet and cold event. The year of the snake is about change, achievement and innovation and although this does sound very promising, I am actually really happy right now and hope things don't change too much around here!

8 Feb 2013

Weekly Instagram

Chai latte after work - DIY hair bow tutorial - running errands in the City - candy shop in town - cool vintage light bulb star - St. Christopher's Place (a hidden gem) - raspberry ripple cheesecake... for breakfast - gloomy City of London - watching Django at The Screen on the Green - St. Paul's Cathedral - making scones - social media-ing our AW '13 campaign shoot at work *amusements*

7 Feb 2013

Up In the Air

I found this on Pinterest the other day and thought what a lovely photograph it is. I particularly adore the ombré sky. It reminds me of long hot summer days, floaty dresses and white sandals. You can find the photo here.

6 Feb 2013

My Sweet Valentine

Photo by Boo @ Bake-a-Boo
For Valentine's Day I think we should all bake this fabulous cake by Boo from Bake-a-Boo. It is chocolatey, sparkly, pretty, raspberry and a properly sweet Valentine's treat for your loved ones. You can find the recipe here and if anyone does get around to baking this cake next week, do share a photo with me via Twitter, Instagram or Email! x

5 Feb 2013

Get Ready for Spring

The other day I got an email from Cath Kidston about their new Spring / Summer range and I am totally in love with this photo above and those three strawberry styles below really make me look forward to summer. Currently they are not in my budget, but who knows, maybe one of them will be on the shopping list next month. Which is your favourite?

Cardigan - Bag - Skirt

4 Feb 2013

London Guide: Camden Passage

Camden Passage is despite what one might think not in the London Borough of Camden but in Islington / Angel. Situated parallel to the local high street you will find a little oasis of antique and second hand shops, cafés, bars, street stalls packed with all sorts of memorabilia (jewellery, clothes, furniture, kitsch) from past centuries and a couple of pubs. Main trading days are Wednesday and Saturday and if you go early-ish in the morning you'll a) ditch the crowds b) be in time for breakfast at either Kipferl or the Breakfast Club. A few 50s inspired cafés will offer small lunch snacks. Camden Passage is cool, vintage, cosy, sweet, local and most of all not overly touristy! I love Camden Passage in my favourite part of London: Angel.