21 Feb 2013

London Guide: Flowermarket

A weekly London highlight is the Columbia Road flower market. It is on every Sunday between 8am and 2pm and, usually, it is packed. Joe and I come here at least once a month to look for pretty (temporary) colour pops for the house and other, bigger plants to stay with us more permanently. Last Sunday the best sellers were tulips, daffodils and willow catkin. What we were most interested in was a small-ish kumquat tree to go next to our future bar area (still looking for a pretty bar cart). Particularly towards the end of the day, you can get some great bargains here as the stalls want to get rid of their seasonal flowers. There are a number of art galleries, clothes shops, pubs and cafés lining the street which are excellent places to pop in after you're done with the floral entertainment of Columbia Road.

1 comment:

  1. I love your photos! Just feels like spring is there already and God I can't wait for it. Sadly today there was AGAIN some snow in Bremen ...it's enough if you ask me.
    Besindes, great to get to know the english terms for those spring beauties..."Osterglocken und Weidenkätzchen" :)