29 Mar 2013

April Instagram Challenge - Want to Join?

I know this is neither new and nor very inventive, but how about you join me in a month of instagram photos? I have never done this before and I am not sure if I'll have something lovely to snap every day, but I'll never know unless I try. Let me know if you want to join me in my challenge and I look forward to seeing what you have captured!! xo
PS: Use the photo to start the challenge by posting it on Instagram using hashtag #blueberrydays or link me @m_meike in the photo description and I'll watch out for you.

28 Mar 2013

Easter Biscuits

Today I am guest posting over at Hannah's blog The Bumbling Bee with a tasty Easter Biscuit recipe. It is still so cold in London and although the sun came out at least a little bit this morning, I am longing for warmer days, colourful flowers and green trees! So instead of comforting myself with loads of happy-making chocolate, I have made these pretty biscuits instead. Why don't you head over there and check them out now so that you're prepared for Easter!?

27 Mar 2013

Blue, Pink and White

Loving this wonderful colour palette today. I found it on Pinterest yesterday and it just makes me think of warm and sunny days in May, flowers and happy people. Sadly it is still bitter cold here in London and I probably won't be able to rid myself of the wintercoat, hats and gloves any time soon. So all that I have left is dreaming of Spring.

Photo by The Sweet Occasion

26 Mar 2013

Smile for the Camera

These cute little wooden toy cameras are my find of the week. Although I am really not ready for it yet, I often wish I had a little baby just to buy loads of cute things and then look at her/him playing with them all day.

25 Mar 2013

H&M Conscious Exclusive

Only a few days after I browsed the new Conscious Collection, I discovered the Conscious Exclusives on Vogue.co.uk and I am amazed how pretty everything looks. Surprisingly glamorous and special, I cannot wait to see the pieces in real life! None of them are particular bargains, but if they look as good in real as they do on the campaign photos, this will be an amazing collection. Launch is on April 4th in 140 stores worldwide and online. Happy shopping!!

24 Mar 2013

Important News!

Hello everyone! Firstly, thanks to all of my gorgeous followers here on GFC, I love that the group of you is growing steadily and I am so glad my blog is being appreciated! What follows is less of a post as it is an invitation. I would like to invite you all to start following me on Bloglovin' because Google Reader (as you may already know) will be shutting down on July 1st and I really don't want any of you to miss out on anything, or worse lose any of you guys! It may still be a few months to go, but we all know that time flies when you're having fun, right?! Here's how it works:

1. Sign in to Bloglovin' and click on "Account" on the top right hand side
2. Click on "Settings" in the dropdown box
3. Scroll down to "Other" and click on "Import Blogs"
4. Click "Google Reader"
5. Click "Import from Google Reader"
6. Now you have to allow Bloglovin' access to your Google Reader and the rest will be done for you.

Couldn't be easier and you will have all of your favourite blogs from your Google Reader in your Bloglovin' account without any extra hassle. In case you don't want to move your entire Google Reader, simply click on this link here and follow me individually. Thank you xx!! If you haven't got a Bloglovin' account yet, I very much recommend signing up for one because it is handy, neat and organised.

22 Mar 2013

Full Swing

I think I may have a passion for full skirts this Spring/Summer. I started pinning all my favourite fashion on a Pinterest board and only realised yesterday that I had been pinning quite a few full skirts as well. I think they make a great summer outfit, can be combined with a variety of tops, blouses and t-shirts and look good in both black & white as well as in prints and in bright summer shades. I bet they also make anyone's legs look a lot slimmer than they actually are which is always a bonus! So what's not to like about a a selection of full skirts in our wardrobes this year? If you click on the link above you can find the photos in full size + original links.

21 Mar 2013

Rosegold Headphones

You don't know about the things that you need until you see them. I didn't know I needed rosegold headphones until I saw these ones by Frends. They do a variety of fancy earphones and headphones but the Taylor Rosegold are definitely my favourites. I fell in love instantly and they are very high up on my wishlist now (such a shame my birthday is still so far away...).

20 Mar 2013

Blueberry Muffins

To celebrate the new blog name - Blueberry Days - I made some Blueberry Muffins last weekend! I used a recipe by Paul Hollywood who is one of the judges from one of my favourite TV shows: The Great British Bake Off. I must admit, the guy knows what he's doing. The muffins popped out of the silicone forms so easily, they tasted delicious (with that surprising hint of nutmeg) and the ingredients were about as standard as can be! Yum!

19 Mar 2013

H&M Conscious Collection

Have you seen the new H&M Conscious Collection yet? I love the beautifully tropical prints in white and green with orange an pink colour accents. I was so smitten by the previous Conscious Collections particularly the one with lots of off white and vintage pink pieces last year but sadly I missed out on all the items I liked because I didn't think it would sell out that quickly. This time I placed an order for my favourite pieces (the blouse and the dress below) immediately after receiving the catalogue. Although looking outside now it doesn't seem like Spring at all, I cannot wait to wear the pieces outside and feel all tropical and summery!
1) Print Chiffon Blouse 2) Patterned Shift Dress 3) Print Satin Trousers 4) Tropical Print Scarf
Use voucher code 
{0349} for free delivery!

18 Mar 2013

Daisy Nails

I hadn't done a nail tutorial for a while so I thought it was about time. As you all know, I am looking forward to sunny days and warmer temperatures so I decided to get myself into the mood with some daisies on my nails. First I painted them with a neutral base, however, you can also go all out there and make them a real colour pop. After this had dried I dotted 5 orange spots together in little circles, finishing them off with a pale pink dot in the middle. After 5 minutes of drying time, I added a top coat and done were my daisy nails. As a dotting tool you can use the end of a hairpin, a needle or an arts and crafts dotting tool like mine. Leave me a comment if you have any good ideas for Spring/Summer nails!!

17 Mar 2013

Blueberry Days

So... now I am going to tell you about that new name. For a while I have been very unhappy with All Things Pretty because I didn't feel that it sounded at all like me. I thought it was a bit silly and conventional and basically I was looking at it every day, badly wanting to change it! When a little while ago I saw Emma from Emma Deer change her blog character, i.e. name and layout, including all of her social media such as Twitter and Facebook, I realized I could still do this, too. It has been a very swift change so far and I am quite happy with it. There will be a few more changes to the layout but that is going to happen over the next couple of weeks. But now about that new name: Blueberry Days. I love summery days on which you stroll around the garden, picking berries and eating them all day long. It reminds me of my wonderful childhood, proper summers and happy carefree days. Joint first of my favourite fruit with raspberries and cherries are blueberries which except for fresh off the bush I love in the form of muffins, cupcakes, cheesecake, syrup, juice, ice cubes and so on. So Blueberry Days it is. How do you like the new name? I would love to get your feedback!! xox

16 Mar 2013

Weekly Instagram

Happy Saturday everyone! I am spending a weekend by myself because Joe is visiting his Mum. This means I have loads of time to work on the blog and some long overdue changes that will go live tomorrow. Hopefully you'll like them all...

Finally got a new bed - Making a last-minute cake for tea on Sunday - Good morning London - Having home-made pizza - Waking up to this view on Monday morning - A photo from my parents' garden in Germany (poor them are still drowning in snow) - Not having hot water and needing to improvise at bath time - Got the wellies out for a rainy walk to work - Being delighted with the new H&M Conscious Collection

15 Mar 2013

Shop Love

I discovered a new online shop last night - Ban.do - and I cannot stop browsing sweet heart shaped things now! My four favourites are 1) the mini ban.do heart hair clips / brooches 2) the ban.do signature scarf 3) the ban.do metallic heart clutch an 4) the ban.do iphone case. I believe we all need a little more love in our lives so start shopping :) !!

14 Mar 2013

London Guide: Broadway Market

Last weekend Joe and I went to Broadway Market and I will happily add this to my recommendations for the London traveller.The market is on during the day on Saturdays and not only can you sample and buy all sorts of fruits, vegetables, dishes, sweets and cakes here, they also offer flowers, handmade bits and bobs, toys, second hand clothing and drinks. If you find yourself in need of something to do on a sunny Saturday in London and you neither want to bear the crowds in town nor the tourists everywhere else, do visit Broadway Market and then walk back into town along the Canal!!

13 Mar 2013

Pink Palm Tree

Isn't this photo totally cool and inspirational? It makes me want to visit warm places, lie on the beach under palm tress and get tanned. Currently it's really cold again in London and it has even been snowing a little. I don't know about you guys but I cannot wait to wear my Spring / Summer dresses, shoes and jackets again instead of 20 layers of wool and knitwear every day!!

11 Mar 2013

Curious Explorer City Maps

Do you love exploring cities in different ways than the ordinary? The maps you see above are for the curious explorer who enjoys the quirky and unconventional. You can get one for Old New York, Old LA, Brooklyn, Berlin an Copenhagen and I bet each and every single one of those cities is very well worth visiting and even more so with a map like this!

8 Mar 2013

Weekly Instagram

Friday treats in the office - Wishing it was Spring already - Friday night drinks at home - Taking out my new Muubaa Bikerjacket - Furniture shopping - Germans sausage at Broadway Market - Flowers in the house - The day that both lifts were broken and I had to walk down (and up) 12 levels before (and after) work - My magazine collection - The new phonecase - A sharon fruit for breakfast - Diet Coke in polka dots

7 Mar 2013

SS '13 Trend: Metallics

1) Monteria Biker in Rosegold - 2) Minsk Biker in Silver - 3) Sirius Biker in Bronze
Metallics are BIG this Spring / Summer and although I have always loved silver and golden shoes, I never really went for metallic clothing. The photo above of the model wearing the rose gold biker jacket, convinced me that metallic jackets can look very glamorous yet casual all at the same time. For LFWEnd I wore one of my press samples and received a ton of compliments for the jacket. I am now determined to add it to my collection of Muubaa Leathers and I think you should consider it, too!

6 Mar 2013

Déjà Vue: Lemon Tart

Today I just want to rekindle one of my previous recipes. This lovely lemon tart is easy to make and very flavoursome and although one might argue that it's a bit lazy of me to simply repost this, I thought that it's quite sad that I only get to post it once and then never again. Anyway, it's the perfect tart to make your mum for Mothering Sunday because it's special, light and extremely delicious!

5 Mar 2013

The Modern Frida Kahlo

I found this painting the earlier today and because I really love Frida Kahlo I thought I'd share it with you. It is by Gustavo Aimar and although I probably wouldn't hang it up in my living room, it certainly made me smile and long for a holiday in Mexico!!!

4 Mar 2013

Love Ballerinas

1) Pink Textured Harriet - 2) Fucsia Leather Classic - 3) Navy Nubuck Sturdy - 4) Nude Patent Henrietta
After I visited the French Sole stall every day at London Fashion Weekend (it was just in the room next to ours), I realised I need to get back into the shoe-buying market. Ballet flats are my number one go-to shoe all year round. I feel comfortable in them, they look pretty and the go with almost every single outfit. Although I have quite a collection, most of my ballerinas are starting to fall apart as they've been around for ages. It didn't take me long to pick my 4 favourite French Sole ballet flats and they went straight onto my wishlist!

1 Mar 2013

March Sponsor Call

Hi girls! I got inspired by Leney from A Girl Named Leney to do a Sponsor Call for March as I have loads of free space at the moment. I would be delighted to do FREE ad swaps with as many of you as possible and where I have so little time with my full time job at the moment, I really appreciate if you come forward and contact me!! Simply visit my Sponsor Page and enter code PRETTYSWAP for a FREE ad. If you don't use Passionfruit, simply drop me an email and let me know which size button you'll need from me in return! I look forward to swapping with you and meeting lots of new people!!! Have a great weekend! x

Weekly Instagram

Preparations - Borrowing Muubaa jackets to wear at LFWEnd - Delicious Chocolate Gateaux - Our stall all tidy on the first day - Somerset House at dawn - Me - Pretty Staircase - Matching Jackets - LFWEnd bargain from French Sole - LFWEnd after party - Seeing fashion royalty Hilary Alexander - After work blush cider to wind down *yum*