19 Mar 2013

H&M Conscious Collection

Have you seen the new H&M Conscious Collection yet? I love the beautifully tropical prints in white and green with orange an pink colour accents. I was so smitten by the previous Conscious Collections particularly the one with lots of off white and vintage pink pieces last year but sadly I missed out on all the items I liked because I didn't think it would sell out that quickly. This time I placed an order for my favourite pieces (the blouse and the dress below) immediately after receiving the catalogue. Although looking outside now it doesn't seem like Spring at all, I cannot wait to wear the pieces outside and feel all tropical and summery!
1) Print Chiffon Blouse 2) Patterned Shift Dress 3) Print Satin Trousers 4) Tropical Print Scarf
Use voucher code 
{0349} for free delivery!

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