16 Mar 2013

Weekly Instagram

Happy Saturday everyone! I am spending a weekend by myself because Joe is visiting his Mum. This means I have loads of time to work on the blog and some long overdue changes that will go live tomorrow. Hopefully you'll like them all...

Finally got a new bed - Making a last-minute cake for tea on Sunday - Good morning London - Having home-made pizza - Waking up to this view on Monday morning - A photo from my parents' garden in Germany (poor them are still drowning in snow) - Not having hot water and needing to improvise at bath time - Got the wellies out for a rainy walk to work - Being delighted with the new H&M Conscious Collection


  1. I love your Hunters! And that bundt looks scrumptious (:
    Check me out at http://andgeesaid.blogspot.com.au/ xx

  2. love the hunter boots!!! cute blog, i am following :))