30 Apr 2013

Thin Mints

I have been reading about Thin Mints on Veronika's Blushing (she kept saying that they were one of her pregnancy carvings) and because I had no idea what they actually are, I decided to make some and see for myself. And this what I did:
Ingredients: 150g caster sugar, 100g soft butter, ½ tsp vanilla extract, 1tbsp peppermint extract, 280g plain flour, 125ml milk, 30g cornflour, 50g cocoa powder (unsweetened), 1 tsp salt
+ 300g dark chocolate for the coating
Beat together the butter and sugar until smooth and fluffy. Add the peppermint and vanilla extracts. Slowly stir in the flour and the milk, alternating between the two. Add the other dry ingredients and beat until you get a smooth-ish dough. Knead everything together, divide into 4 equal parts and roll out into logs with a diameter of about 3 cm. If the mixture is still too moist, add some flour (not too much though). Wrap the logs into cling film and put in the freezer for 1-2 hours or until firm. Whenever they are ready, take off the cling film and start slicing the logs into 0.5 cm thin coins. Lay out on a lined baking tray and bake for anything between 10-15 minutes at 200°C. You want them to by crispy on the but not over-baked as it will make them a little dry later (tried and tested). Let them cool down. Melt the chocolate over a water bath, cover one cookie coin after the other (turning them with a fork) and leave to harden on a baking paper. 
Now, obviously I've not had them before so I have nothing to compare them to, but I thought they turned out great and were a great snack, surprisingly refreshing.

29 Apr 2013


Although I am an enormous black and grey person in the winter, in the summer I am all for colours and try not to shop anything too moody. This includes my selection of summer shoes. Often, you might see a pair of crazy girly heels like these Kurt Geiger POISONBERRY ones above and you would never even think to pick them up in the shop. However, surprisingly, it is often these totally "over the top" shoes, which will turn you regular denim + shirt outfit into a really cool, styled summer outfit. I suggest you try it out!!

26 Apr 2013

Cupcake Book Stand

Have you ever browsed the web and found the one thing that you thought you definitely needed in your life and then you realise it's an amazing price and you are more than committed to making the purchase only to find out that it is SOLD OUT??? I first saw this Cream Cupcake Book Stand a few months ago in some independent coffee place and I have been thinking abut it ever since. The other day I, more or less, coincidently found it in the "At Home with Ashley Thomas" section on the Debenhams' website - sold out. Now I am on the hunt because this book stand is going to make baking so much more fun that I doubt I'll ever stop!! :)

25 Apr 2013

& Other Stories

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
How can I have missed this? The opening of & Other Stories totally went past me without any notice until a colleague of mine was talking about her holiday wardrobe (or the lack thereof) today and we were thinking about where she could buy lovely summer tops at a reasonable price. I obviously had to check it out immediately after she mentioned this new store and fell in love instantly. The website of this newly established, H&M owned brand almost looks a bit like Tumblr, the product photos are different to anything I've seen before (photographed hanging on a wooden hanger on a tiny golden hook against a grey wall) and the clothes are stylish but still not too "out there". I love it! I have pinned my 4 favourite pieces above and because it's pay-day this Friday, I am totally going to stop by their Regent Street store and hopefully pick up the pink number on the top left!

24 Apr 2013

My Very Own Graffiti

I told you about my long search for iPhone cases and I did indeed get one a while ago which I LOVE! The Silver Graffiti iPhone Case (which is currently in the SALE) is not just really cute and cheery, it is also grown up enough to walk around with it in the office, whereas one of those slightly silly ones would probably not look quite as professional.

23 Apr 2013

Kitchen Cuties

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

The other day I discovered a new shop online with a selection of the cutest little home things ever! The dotcomgiftshop offers a huge variety of little kitchen goodies, gifts for him and her and all of those more or less necessary bits and bobs that will make your house a home. Above are my four favourites!

22 Apr 2013

Sunny Days

This last weekend was just marvellous (particularly after an extremely stressful week at work)! Finally we got a whole Saturday full of sun with no clouds ruining even a tiny bit of it. Joe and I went for a long walk, saw lots of cherry trees blossoming and finished our day with a pint in The Bull and a movie at the Screen on the Green. I wore my new Asos shoes and printed GAP trousers. Let's hope for lots more sun this Spring / Summer!!

Joe in Reiss knit jumper, Reiss trousers and Tom Ford sunglasses

19 Apr 2013

Weekly Instagram

Spring flowers at home - Throwback Thursday - Polka Dotted London - The living room all finished, now we only need to add personal touches - Late Easter treats in the office - A rainbow over the City - Pretty Pastel houses near Regent's Park - Part of my wardrobe - Painting the bedroom - London at night - The Simpsons x Mad Men (can it get better??) - Pretty H&M plaster to cover up a bad cut.

18 Apr 2013

Too Cute

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OK, so now I have completely gone mad over looking for iPhone cases... After I searched for geometric ones on Etsy last week (here), I tried searching for alternatives sent out from within Europe, but instead I found Noodoll on notonthehighstreet.com and now there is nothing more than I want than one of those cutsies above. But which one to go for???

17 Apr 2013

Kitchen Garden

It is fair to say that I neither have a green thumb, nor am I a particularly good cook. Nonetheless, I love when the kitchen looks pretty and I love flowers and green bits and bobs in the house. Because Joe and I don't have a garden (and only an extremely windy balcony), I have been looking into little alternatives such as an indoor herb / kitchen garden for just a few essentials such as basil, parsley, chives and rosemary. I found the 5 above ideas on Pinterest and you can get full size pictures as well as image links through my Kitchen Garden Pinterest Board. However, if you are not into DIY, below you can find a couple of ideas for mini kitchen gardens (often with handy tools) that are available for purchase. How do you store herbs? Fresh in pots or dried in jars?

16 Apr 2013

Remember the Times...

This little illustration made me crack up this morning (and believe me, I was in dire need of a laugh already before I came into work!!). I thought I'd share it with you so that you can giggle over your desks as well and think of the good old times when you were still collecting little snippets of paper everywhere instead of using Pinterest, when you were still passing small notes to classmates instead of tweeting them, when you were still thinking in your head instead of sharing your thoughts on Facebook with all your friends, and when you still had to wait a week to have your holiday photos developed in a shop somewhere before you saw and shared them for the first time instead of instagramming your whole life away immediately.

15 Apr 2013

A Wild Bunch

Aren't these just beautiful? I wish I had more time to arrange and place flowers in the house, especially a bunch of wild ones, seemingly put together at random. I am hardly ever at home during the day to properly enjoy beauties like these so I have kind of never spared any time for little projects like floral decorations! I guess it's just an excuse so maybe I should invest the time and get to it because a house with flowers definitely becomes much warmer and friendly!!

14 Apr 2013

Pretty Pastels

Converse All Star Ox Trainers in MINT and LILAC
A sweet friend of mine posted the below photo of herself on Instagram the other day and I instantly fell in love with her lilac converse trainers. We used to work together in the same place back in Germany but since I've moved away, I think I am ok with buying the same shoe. However, while I was looking for them, I found the same style in MINT!! And now I don't know what to do any more. Which pair should I get?
Follow nailfanish on Instagram!!

13 Apr 2013

Weekly Instagram

Chilling out at my parents' house - Back in London, enjoying my view - Favourite shoes (French Sole Henrietta) - In love with H&M's Conscious Collection - Pink ombre bed at John Lewis - Saturday night DIY - New shoes (let's hope for some sun so I can actually wear them) - Lazy Sundays - Good morning London - No socks for the second time this year - Pub dinner - Street art on Upper Street, Islington

12 Apr 2013

Shades of Blue

Joe and I have been working on the project "Living Room" for ages now and after we found the perfect wallpaper (see here and here) and an amazing bookshelf (see here) pretty quickly, it took us ages to find the right colour for the remaining walls. First we thought it should either be a grey or a blue. Then we thought about simply picking a matching shade from the wallpaper (see turquoise addition in the middle of the colour swatches). Eventually we decided on a light grey (see colour swatches third one down) and painted everything.

But we couldn't have known that the orange copper light would make the colour look purple in some places which we didn't like at all, and so we decided to change it to that bright turquoise (see colour swatches fourth one down). But all of a sudden our living room looked like a 50s Miami ice cream parlour and, although very fresh, that was certainly not the look we were going for. 

But we liked the type of colour and the copper lamp didn't make it look funny either. So once again we decided to change the walls (phew, so much painting...) and painted everything 2 shades darker than the original turquoise. Scroll down for the final result. We are both very happy and think that it looks amazing, fresh and modern. And it's a perfect match for the wallpaper!

11 Apr 2013

It's All About Geometrics

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
My lovely friend Emma from Emma Deer totally got me hooked on geometric iPhone cases. She recently ordered one from Etsy and since she keeps posting them on her blog, she keeps putting them back on my mind. Most sellers on Etsy are US based and I am a little worried about the postage from there to here (simply because my experiences in the past have been quite saddening) so I am still contemplating a purchase, but in case I do order, the five above are among my favourites.

10 Apr 2013

Hello Sweetheart

Whether it's Valentine's Day or not, I think you should always surprise your sweethearts with some unexpected love. Obviously not all of us are on a budget where we can afford to buy expensive gifts every week, but making some sweet heart shaped cookies really doesn't cost a lot. Take a simple biscuits recipe like this one and get cracking! Although Joe is not too big a fan of cakes and biscuits, he really liked these a lot!

9 Apr 2013

Daily Outfits

I am absolutely in love with these adorable illustrations by Ann Shen. It's a mini series of Daily Outfits and the style is just great. I wish I had a talent to illustrate like that. Imagine all the great things I could do and draw including a few pretty pictures for the blog!! Hmmm...

8 Apr 2013

Need a New Necklace?

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A couple of days ago, I discovered Lisa Leonard and her beautiful, hand made jewellery. There are so many delicately designed pieces and you can get them customised with your own personal engraving. My absolute favourite are these four necklaces here and if I could choose only one, I would probably go with #4 because I don't mind some hugs and kisses here and there!! Which is your favourite? xo

5 Apr 2013

Guest Post from The Bumbling Bee

Hi Blueberry Day readers, I’m Hannah from The Bumbling Bee! Thanks Meike for inviting me over to guest post today. I’ve got a really cute and easy project to share today which would brighten up any blank space in your house!

We rent our little space and that unfortunately equals magnolia walls throughout the house. We’ve been pretty slack in putting up any decorations but I’m determined to change that - starting with this pretty wall art for our bedroom. Since I get away with making pretty much whatever I like for the house I wanted my husband to choose the quote we’d use…until he suggested - with a big grin - ‘love is suicide’  (Smashing Pumpkins lyrics).
Not exactly the vibe I was going for.
In the end we went with a part of a reading we had read at our wedding. This is such a simple little DIY but I’m really pleased with how it looks!
1) Firstly write up your quote in Word (I used the font caflisch script pro regular) and print out a test copy on paper so that you can check the size against the embroidery hoop.
2) Next cut out your plain fabric (it needs to be narrower and shorter than A4 paper) and lay on top of a plain piece of A4 paper. Tape (I didn’t have any but I recommend masking tape) all four edges of the fabric securely to the paper, ensuring any loose threads are either trimmed or taped down. Guide through the printer as you print your text onto the fabric to make sure it prints straight. Then gently remove the tape. And there you go…a complete cheats way to transfer ink to fabric!

3) Secure your background fabric into the embroidery hoop (don’t trim the excess fabric yet). Then trim the quote to your desired size and pin to the backing fabric.
4) Next I used a blanket stitch to secure the quote to the backing fabric.
5) I felt the bottom corner of the quote needed some detail, since I knew there was a high chance I’d ruin it if I attempted to embroider some detail, I cheated by cutting out the detail of the floral fabric! Once you’ve finished decorating it, make sure your backing fabric is held tight by the hoop (and that the quote is central) and trim the excess fabric. Some hoops come with a hook; mine didn’t so I added a loop of thread and tied a bow of fabric around the hinge to pretty it up!
Thanks again for having me over Meike!

4 Apr 2013

Weekly Instagram

Breakfast by myself - Baking with berries after the blog change - St. Patrick's Day - The little brother and I ca. 1992 - The new tables arrived - And in action - favourite fizzy drink at the moment - It's snowing again - making biscuits - Having a coffee break - Deciding on night tables - A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away... (or so I heard) - Finally got the lamps installed in the living / dining areas - Painting Easter eggs - Eating carrot cake on Easter Sunday - Playing with the little bunny classroom, yep sometimes I'm still a kid!

2 Apr 2013

Dig Out the Sunnies

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It isn't really sunny or even warm yet (most days) but I feel that even buying new sunnies will get me into a much better mood and shoo away the old winter depression. As the budget is small and the need is big, I have resorted to Forever21 to pick my favourite 5 sunnies for SS '13. I don't think they always have to be designer glasses as they are much less useful when it comes to messy summer festivals and picnics in the park. The transparent pink one from #2 and the tortoise shell from # 4 are my favourites and I might just pop into town tonight and add them to my collection!