5 Apr 2013

Guest Post from The Bumbling Bee

Hi Blueberry Day readers, I’m Hannah from The Bumbling Bee! Thanks Meike for inviting me over to guest post today. I’ve got a really cute and easy project to share today which would brighten up any blank space in your house!

We rent our little space and that unfortunately equals magnolia walls throughout the house. We’ve been pretty slack in putting up any decorations but I’m determined to change that - starting with this pretty wall art for our bedroom. Since I get away with making pretty much whatever I like for the house I wanted my husband to choose the quote we’d use…until he suggested - with a big grin - ‘love is suicide’  (Smashing Pumpkins lyrics).
Not exactly the vibe I was going for.
In the end we went with a part of a reading we had read at our wedding. This is such a simple little DIY but I’m really pleased with how it looks!
1) Firstly write up your quote in Word (I used the font caflisch script pro regular) and print out a test copy on paper so that you can check the size against the embroidery hoop.
2) Next cut out your plain fabric (it needs to be narrower and shorter than A4 paper) and lay on top of a plain piece of A4 paper. Tape (I didn’t have any but I recommend masking tape) all four edges of the fabric securely to the paper, ensuring any loose threads are either trimmed or taped down. Guide through the printer as you print your text onto the fabric to make sure it prints straight. Then gently remove the tape. And there you go…a complete cheats way to transfer ink to fabric!

3) Secure your background fabric into the embroidery hoop (don’t trim the excess fabric yet). Then trim the quote to your desired size and pin to the backing fabric.
4) Next I used a blanket stitch to secure the quote to the backing fabric.
5) I felt the bottom corner of the quote needed some detail, since I knew there was a high chance I’d ruin it if I attempted to embroider some detail, I cheated by cutting out the detail of the floral fabric! Once you’ve finished decorating it, make sure your backing fabric is held tight by the hoop (and that the quote is central) and trim the excess fabric. Some hoops come with a hook; mine didn’t so I added a loop of thread and tied a bow of fabric around the hinge to pretty it up!
Thanks again for having me over Meike!


  1. I love this wonderful idea! I am in the process of finding and making things to hang in my bedroom and this looks like it would fit into my wall perfectly. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. I love the design and your lovely posts. I am definitely going to be following you on Bloglovin and GFC. Happy Friday! xx. McKenna Lou

  2. Hi! Lovely idea, I'm sure I'd end up destroying my printer though! Any tips on how not to get it jammed?

    1. Hi Zoe, I haven't tried this myself yet, but if you head over to The Bumbling Bee and ask Hannah (link on the top of the post), I am sure she'll be happy to help!! Thank you