25 Apr 2013

& Other Stories

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How can I have missed this? The opening of & Other Stories totally went past me without any notice until a colleague of mine was talking about her holiday wardrobe (or the lack thereof) today and we were thinking about where she could buy lovely summer tops at a reasonable price. I obviously had to check it out immediately after she mentioned this new store and fell in love instantly. The website of this newly established, H&M owned brand almost looks a bit like Tumblr, the product photos are different to anything I've seen before (photographed hanging on a wooden hanger on a tiny golden hook against a grey wall) and the clothes are stylish but still not too "out there". I love it! I have pinned my 4 favourite pieces above and because it's pay-day this Friday, I am totally going to stop by their Regent Street store and hopefully pick up the pink number on the top left!

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