12 Apr 2013

Shades of Blue

Joe and I have been working on the project "Living Room" for ages now and after we found the perfect wallpaper (see here and here) and an amazing bookshelf (see here) pretty quickly, it took us ages to find the right colour for the remaining walls. First we thought it should either be a grey or a blue. Then we thought about simply picking a matching shade from the wallpaper (see turquoise addition in the middle of the colour swatches). Eventually we decided on a light grey (see colour swatches third one down) and painted everything.

But we couldn't have known that the orange copper light would make the colour look purple in some places which we didn't like at all, and so we decided to change it to that bright turquoise (see colour swatches fourth one down). But all of a sudden our living room looked like a 50s Miami ice cream parlour and, although very fresh, that was certainly not the look we were going for. 

But we liked the type of colour and the copper lamp didn't make it look funny either. So once again we decided to change the walls (phew, so much painting...) and painted everything 2 shades darker than the original turquoise. Scroll down for the final result. We are both very happy and think that it looks amazing, fresh and modern. And it's a perfect match for the wallpaper!

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