30 Apr 2013

Thin Mints

I have been reading about Thin Mints on Veronika's Blushing (she kept saying that they were one of her pregnancy carvings) and because I had no idea what they actually are, I decided to make some and see for myself. And this what I did:
Ingredients: 150g caster sugar, 100g soft butter, ½ tsp vanilla extract, 1tbsp peppermint extract, 280g plain flour, 125ml milk, 30g cornflour, 50g cocoa powder (unsweetened), 1 tsp salt
+ 300g dark chocolate for the coating
Beat together the butter and sugar until smooth and fluffy. Add the peppermint and vanilla extracts. Slowly stir in the flour and the milk, alternating between the two. Add the other dry ingredients and beat until you get a smooth-ish dough. Knead everything together, divide into 4 equal parts and roll out into logs with a diameter of about 3 cm. If the mixture is still too moist, add some flour (not too much though). Wrap the logs into cling film and put in the freezer for 1-2 hours or until firm. Whenever they are ready, take off the cling film and start slicing the logs into 0.5 cm thin coins. Lay out on a lined baking tray and bake for anything between 10-15 minutes at 200°C. You want them to by crispy on the but not over-baked as it will make them a little dry later (tried and tested). Let them cool down. Melt the chocolate over a water bath, cover one cookie coin after the other (turning them with a fork) and leave to harden on a baking paper. 
Now, obviously I've not had them before so I have nothing to compare them to, but I thought they turned out great and were a great snack, surprisingly refreshing.