31 May 2013

Statement Jewels

1 Red Flowers // 2 Gold Hearts // 3 Mint Pentagon // 4 Pink Stones
This summer you should really invest in a shiny and / or bright statement necklace. It brightens and glitzes up every outfit, whether casual or chic, and it usually goes with any kind of top or dress. Try not to combine a neon pink one with an already very lively and colourful top (pick a slightly subtler gold one in that case) and make sure you wear it with joy! Above are my four favourites from Oasis and since it's pay day today, I might just go into town after work and pick one or two of them to wear this weekend (it's meant to be sunny)!

30 May 2013

Sweety, put the freezer on!

Photos here: Pinterest Yummy Board / Summer Board.
Whether you call them ice lollies, popsicles, juicicles, icicles or whatever else, there is no fact denying that they are probably the best summer refreshment there is. Possibilities are endless - you can make them fruity, milky, alcoholic, flowery, berry-y or anything else. The advanced versions are all fancy and multicoloured and you sure will be seeing me trying out loads of different variations this summer. Sadly the weather here doesn't exactly call for refreshments currently, but as soon as the sun is out, I will start making popsicles myself. Cute moulds can be found here, here, here and here.

29 May 2013

Inhibitif Update #1

Here is the promised Inhibitif update! I told you about this new miracle product a few weeks ago here but it actually took me a while to get started. I have now been using it for two weeks, applying it twice a day. The product smells a bit funny - kind of clinical - but not offensive. I usually spritz about 4-6 times each leg (ankle to knee) and then distribute the serum. I always wash my hands immediately after as I do not want to imagine what it  would feel like in my eyes etc. And here is how effective I think it is: 

1) The hair in treated areas is definitely growing back slower, I don't have to shave every day any more but every other day or even only every 3 days.
2) I have been epilating my legs for years during the summer and in some areas it actually stopped growing back already. I feel that Inhibitif has intensified this effect of "patchiness" as thinner hairs seem to be growing so slow, I don't notice them in between shaves.
3) I have definitely noticed less problems with hair growing back, i.e. ingrown hair, itchiness, redness which I experienced before (sometimes more, other times less). All of these symptoms have been reduced considerably down to the point where I pretty much don't experience them any more at all.

I must admit, I am impressed with the product so far. It obviously takes time to do all its magic, but I can see some effects already and I am pleased with the results I have got so far. Particularly my negative side effects of hair removal (see above) have disappeared which is great. I will start epilating my legs again very soon and hopefully the product will become even more effective then. Inhibitif is available for purchase here at Boots.

28 May 2013

THE Strappy Sandals

In the middle: Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere - Black Strappy Heels - Nude Strappy Heels - White Strappy Heels
Remember when this tote bag went viral and everybody seemed to have one? Or when this coat with the quilted leather sleeves became the winter must have (and the one item I rapidly grew tired of because it kept popping up everywhere)? Well, this summer, it seems Zara have yet again designed a piece which every other blogger and girl in town seems to be wearing. These strappy heels above look elegant, trendy and yet totally classic and go with almost every outfit - from casual jeans and t-shirt combinations, over casual summer dresses, to chic and business outfits. Payday is on Friday and I am very much hoping to bag at least one of these beautiful sandals (the nude ones are probably my favourites).

27 May 2013

Happy Long Weekend

Hi you all! It's a long weekend here and I am enjoying my Monday off. We attended a 1st birthday party on Saturday and had a marvellous time. The theme was Good & Evil and everybody looked real pretty!! On Sunday we had the most gorgeous sunshine and spent all day sunbathing at the canal with ciders and a picnic of olives, baguette, Spanish sausages and hummus. Today we're doing a little house decorating and cleaning to make our home prettier. What more can you ask for?

24 May 2013

Our Bedroom

A preliminary update on our bedroom progress. What you see above happened 2 weekends ago and after we had already wallpapered our living room a while ago (see here), we can probably consider ourselves pretty advanced in DIYing walls now! For our bedroom we chose a tartan paper designed by Vivienne Westwood for the wall behind our heads (when lying in bed) and a very light lilacy-grey colour for the rest of the walls. A proper update with finished room photos is to follow, but I can honestly tell you, I have never felt this cosy and comfortable sleeping in a room before. We really made some good choices here!!

23 May 2013

Getting Excited

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
As I mentioned a while ago, Joe and I are looking into our summer holiday and things seem to finalise currently. We have already booked time off work and we decided to go to Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt for a week of all-inclusive, beach-lounging-diving-relaxing goodness. Joe loves researching holidays etc so I left the boring stuff to him and all I am doing at the moment is browsing beautiful photos of the Sharm El-Sheikh coast and getting all fidgety because I haven't had a beach holiday in forever!! The last proper beach vacation was our trip to India as far as I remember (see here) and that was 2 years ago :(

22 May 2013

Lemon Chicken

Currently, my favourite recipe is this Lemon Chicken. It has all of the different flavours that one needs to enjoy a great dinner - sour lemon, rich sesame, fresh spring onion and spicy chilli - and it is relatively easy to make (I know because even I can make it and I'm an awful chef). I can imagine this being a really good summer dish because it does not have the heavy feel of a curry, for example, but it will still not leave you hungry! Instead of red, I used green chilli simply because I happened to have it in my fridge and instead of sprinkling the spring onion over the top, I added it to the sauce. I recommend buying unwaxed lemons for this recipe as you'll need the peel and I once saw a documentary on how the wax is made and that totally put me off.

21 May 2013

Spring Nails

Every girl has her go-to nail polish colour which always works and never disappoints. Mine would be essie's Watermelon or A List. However, I love to add a few different shades to my deep red spectrum depending on which season we're in. Pastels are great for Spring, they are subtle but still colourful and go with almost any other colour because they are simply not as "in your face" as most bright shades. I think every girl should own a rosy pink, a mint green, a lilac and a peonie orange nail varnish! But that's just my opinion :) What do you think?

20 May 2013

The Second Bedroom

Photos here.
Since Joe and I have now finished all of the rough decorating such as large furniture, wall finishes and lamps in all our main rooms, there is really only the second bedroom left. We agree that we would like it to be some sort of casual office / retreat for whenever we want to read a book in quiet or when the television program in the living room is one sided (such as football vs. Downton Abbey - well I'm sure you know what I mean) with the possibility to set it up as a guest bedroom. This means that all of the clutter has to be on the walls so that we can fit a mattress etc in the middle of the room whenever this is required. The desk should be small but stylish, perhaps a 1950s Danish design. I like all of the above photos and they have already inspired me with regard to how I imagine the look our office. Hopefully we can get it underway very soon!!

17 May 2013

Matte Manicure

For months now I have kept seeing photos of matte manicures on Pinterest and I just love how they look. So without further ado, I purchased the essie Matte About You topcoat last weekend and tried it out with a couple of layer's Don't Sweater It underneath. I have to admit, it wasn't very long lasting (I applied it Friday evening and had to remove it again on Monday eve because it looked quite chipped), but while it lasted, I couldn't stop admiring my nails! I am definitely going to sport this look a little more frequently now! What do you think?

16 May 2013

The Great Gatsby - Party Like a Flapper

Today The Great Gatsby is launching in cinemas nationwide and I have no doubt this film is going to be an amazing homage to the 1920s. However, it's not only the revival of the life of Gatsby that makes us want to attend "flapper parties" whenever possible. The era has been very popular in general for the last couple of years, probably because of the fantastic glitz and glamour that comes with it (and of which we all are a little short currently). A while back I went to a Prohibition Party in Bloomsbury (pre drinks at 20s inspired Milk & Honey bar) with cocktails in tea cups, pretend gambling, awesome music and a very strict dress code. I loved it!! To celebrate the launch of The Great Gatsby I have put together 4 different flapper party ensembles for you to be prepared in case the roaring twenties ever return to your town.
Miss Selfridge Flapper Dress £129 // ASOS Hairband £15 // Miss Selfridge Embellished Bag £35 // KG Pippa Sandals £75

Oasis Sequin Dress £69 // Asos Leaf Hairband £6 // Oasis Metallic Clutch £20 // Oasis Metallic T-Bar Sandals £55
Miss Selfridge Feather Sequin Dress £195 // Asos Hair Brooch £8 // Accessorize Sparkle Clutch £25 // French Connection T-Bar Heels £95

French Connection Sequins Dress £175 // Asos Hairband £15 // Kurt Geiger Navy Clutch £45 // KG Pippa Sandals £45

15 May 2013

Festival Fashion #2

 1) Gap Sunkissed Shorts £25 (currently in the SALE for £18.70) 
6) Forever 21 Scarf Print Shorts £15 (LOVE THESE)

Shorts are an absolute summer festival fashion must have! Personally I hardly ever wear shorts because I either find my legs too pasty, not toned enough or they are just in between grooming sessions :) However, there are a few occasions in life, when shorts simply have to make an appearance such as summer holidays (no matter whether on the beach or hiking in the mountains) and at festivals. I have picked my favourite six to share with you and watch out for the ones from GAP, because they have a 25% sale on shorts for a limited time only!

14 May 2013

Longing for Summer

Photos here.
I am longing for summer so badly right now! Browsing fashion blogs from LA or SF, or looking at photos from Coachella just really makes me want to sit on a deck chair, somewhere far away, with a good book in one hand and a refreshing cocktail in the other. Unfortunately it is rather cold and almost a bit stormy again in London and so my dreams remain dreams for now. Like I said though, Joe and I are looking into holidays and we'll be booking something for July / August really very soon *fingers crossed*. What is your summer holiday going to look like this year?

13 May 2013

Handy Helper

I have been using a nailpolish corrector pen for ages and although I loved the product for its handiness, I encountered a few issues with it over the month. The tip would become frayed, the nail polish would stay on the surface so the next time I was using it, I would have that colour back on my fingers and the replacement tips could only be used one way round which means they would be used up pretty quickly... A couple of weeks ago I invested in this corrector pen from nails inc. and so far I have been very impressed. The tip is very sharp around the front, but not pointy all the way around which makes it easy to remove colour from the top of your finger. The 2 replacements can be used both ways. The colour seems to be absorbed by the pen pretty well and although you can still see the colours, they don't rub off back onto your fingers as easily. Moreover, the entire white front is totally soaked with varnish remover which is another benefit as my old corrector pen always seemed a little dry. I've been using it quite a few times already and I am more than happy with it!!

12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone! I can't be with my Mum today because she just lives too far away, however, we're not supposed to just love and cherish our mums on one day a year anyway but all year round. And the few times we do see each other, we always make sure to have a very special time. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and I'll see you Monday! x

10 May 2013

Shoes, shoes, shoes

I dream of a shoe storage like this! I actually dream of a walk-in wardrobe in general and perhaps one day I'll get one, even if it's just a small one... Until then, I'll keep dreaming and just keep buying the shoes to put into my imaginary shoe shelves. I love those wedges below, the first pair kind of 20s inspired and the second pair 70s inspired (I swear there is a similar pair on my Nan's attic somewhere).

Jean Canvas Raffia Sandals
Jackie Suede Wedges

9 May 2013

A Grapefruit a Day ...

What a sweet little kitchen gadget. This Grapefruit Sugar Bowl from Anthropolgie will not only motivate you to have a grapefruit a day (which will keep you super healthy), it will also look pretty on any kitchen shelf! Thinking about grapefruits, I should really start having one for me breakfast at weekends. I remember having them a lot when I was little but not at all as a grown up. And they are so good, so don't really know why I stopped eating grapefruits. I'm rambling...
Photo here!

8 May 2013

Full Swing

1 Purple Polka Dots // 2 Green Crazy Dots // 3 Blue Crazy Dots // 4 Orange Polka Dots

I told you about my love for full skirts a while ago and now look what I found: four very lovely full skirts from UNIQLO and they are a total bargain, too, because at just £14.90 they surely are in everybody's budget. I think they are a great Spring/Summer addition to our wardrobes and can be combined with silky blouses, cotton t-shirts or loose vests; heels, plimsolls or ballerinas; and they will even still look good with a pair of black tights in the winter! Now the only decision left to make is whether to go for polka dots or for crazy big dots!? My favourite is the green one on the top right! What's yours?

7 May 2013

Festival Fashion #1

Hunter Original Gloss in Pink // Hunter Original Gloss in Pastel Purple // Hunter Original Gloss in Coral
Coachella officially rang in festival season a few weeks ago and although Joe and I haven't quite decided whether we can spare the £200 it cost to go to Glastonbury, it doesn't hurt looking at all of the lovely variations of Hunter Wellies which you'll be sure to see on every girl's feet there. I love my pair of black Regent Savoy's (below right) but I think that a colour pop pair like the ones above would be much nicer to wear to a summer festival. Which one is your favourite colour?

Hunter Original in Green // Hunter RHS Original with Floral Print // Hunter Regent Savoy in Black

4 May 2013

Hello and ...

It's a bank holiday weekend in the UK this weekend and for that reason I will be relaxing for 3 days, hopefully enjoy some sun, might go to a beer festival and perhaps even get a couple of DIYs done. I'll be back on Tuesday! Hope you have a great weekend, too, and don't foget to check out my Mother's Day Gift Guide so that yu're prepared for next Sunday! x

PS: I can't get enough of the blossoming cherry trees everywhere currently! So so pretty!!

3 May 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1 Follow Your Heart Dish // 2 Cath Kidston Antique Rose Dressing Gown // 3 Wooden Tea Light Holders // 4 Cath Kidston Strawberry Day Bag //  5 Paisley Rose Gardening Set // 6 Classic Book Cover for Kindle // 7 Bird Tree Wash Bag // 8 Freshwater Pearl Initial Bracelet
I know that Mother's Day has already been in the UK, but my Mummy is German and in Germany it is celebrated on May 12 this year (and in some other countries, too, so that's just perfect). My Mum always used to say that she doesn't just want us to be nice and helpful on one day of the year but all year round, and that she isn't fussed at all about gifts. We happily complied with her first wish :) but we still always had a little gift for her anyway - even if it was just a little voucher book including tokens for the ironing, hoovering, wiping, bathroom cleaning etc which she could use throughout the year. Now that I don't live at home any more, it is difficult to help my Mum with the every day chores, so a little gift is in order every now and then. 

The 8 above are great little things and there is something for every budget so hopefully I can inspire you a little!! I am going to get my mum this Paisley Rose Gardening Set because she loves gardening and this L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream because of the many blossoming cherry trees all around!! x

Weekly Instagram

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2 May 2013

Lemon Bikini

Lemon Bikini 1 // Lemon Bikini 2
Joe and I have started talking about summer holidays and naturally I have also started looking into bikinis. I found these 2 cute ones on the Topshop website and I just love how summery and fresh the lemon print looks. Makes me want to go on holiday straight away instead of waiting another 3 months... Model 1 is in case I manage to get into shape in time, model 2 is in case I am not so ambitious :)

1 May 2013

Are you a Shave Slave?

I am (a shave slave) and now look what I got! I saw an advert for inhibitif on one of London's double deckers and although I don't usually pay a lot of attention, you really cannot miss them. What I read on the bus happened to catch my attention immediately: The new age of hair removal! I am honestly struggling with keeping my legs smooth; I shave them and a day later they are stubbly again; I epilate them (I am now almost immune to the pain) and after a week the hair starts growing back with terrible side effects. So whenever I have a chance to try something reasonably priced, I go for it. In the UK inhibitif is currently exclusively available at Boots. I will keep you updated on the progress - you ought to check back in because it might just be sensational!