15 May 2013

Festival Fashion #2

 1) Gap Sunkissed Shorts £25 (currently in the SALE for £18.70) 
6) Forever 21 Scarf Print Shorts £15 (LOVE THESE)

Shorts are an absolute summer festival fashion must have! Personally I hardly ever wear shorts because I either find my legs too pasty, not toned enough or they are just in between grooming sessions :) However, there are a few occasions in life, when shorts simply have to make an appearance such as summer holidays (no matter whether on the beach or hiking in the mountains) and at festivals. I have picked my favourite six to share with you and watch out for the ones from GAP, because they have a 25% sale on shorts for a limited time only!

1 comment:

  1. Me too, I love shorts but I hardly ever wear them because my legs are so permanently pasty white - I love the coral ones!