13 May 2013

Handy Helper

I have been using a nailpolish corrector pen for ages and although I loved the product for its handiness, I encountered a few issues with it over the month. The tip would become frayed, the nail polish would stay on the surface so the next time I was using it, I would have that colour back on my fingers and the replacement tips could only be used one way round which means they would be used up pretty quickly... A couple of weeks ago I invested in this corrector pen from nails inc. and so far I have been very impressed. The tip is very sharp around the front, but not pointy all the way around which makes it easy to remove colour from the top of your finger. The 2 replacements can be used both ways. The colour seems to be absorbed by the pen pretty well and although you can still see the colours, they don't rub off back onto your fingers as easily. Moreover, the entire white front is totally soaked with varnish remover which is another benefit as my old corrector pen always seemed a little dry. I've been using it quite a few times already and I am more than happy with it!!