29 May 2013

Inhibitif Update #1

Here is the promised Inhibitif update! I told you about this new miracle product a few weeks ago here but it actually took me a while to get started. I have now been using it for two weeks, applying it twice a day. The product smells a bit funny - kind of clinical - but not offensive. I usually spritz about 4-6 times each leg (ankle to knee) and then distribute the serum. I always wash my hands immediately after as I do not want to imagine what it  would feel like in my eyes etc. And here is how effective I think it is: 

1) The hair in treated areas is definitely growing back slower, I don't have to shave every day any more but every other day or even only every 3 days.
2) I have been epilating my legs for years during the summer and in some areas it actually stopped growing back already. I feel that Inhibitif has intensified this effect of "patchiness" as thinner hairs seem to be growing so slow, I don't notice them in between shaves.
3) I have definitely noticed less problems with hair growing back, i.e. ingrown hair, itchiness, redness which I experienced before (sometimes more, other times less). All of these symptoms have been reduced considerably down to the point where I pretty much don't experience them any more at all.

I must admit, I am impressed with the product so far. It obviously takes time to do all its magic, but I can see some effects already and I am pleased with the results I have got so far. Particularly my negative side effects of hair removal (see above) have disappeared which is great. I will start epilating my legs again very soon and hopefully the product will become even more effective then. Inhibitif is available for purchase here at Boots.


  1. Wow, I had never seen anything like this before. Definitely something I would try for the summer. Will look into it, thanks for sharing.

    Lyndsay xx

    1. You're welcome!! I am still really happy with this product! It seems a bit pricey at first but it lasts quite long and it really does work. I will re buy once I am done with the first bottle! x

  2. can you use it on your face . . .chin?? Any body have any good results there, or
    only legs so far??
    from Canada.

    1. Hi Susan, I have only tried it on my legs as I haven't really got problems with facial, underarm or any other hair. Perhaps send an email to Inhibitif and ask them about sensitive areas such as the face. I am sure they will be able to help you! Good luck!

    2. Hello Susan, Inhibitif now has a Facial Serum. $24.99.