21 May 2013

Spring Nails

Every girl has her go-to nail polish colour which always works and never disappoints. Mine would be essie's Watermelon or A List. However, I love to add a few different shades to my deep red spectrum depending on which season we're in. Pastels are great for Spring, they are subtle but still colourful and go with almost any other colour because they are simply not as "in your face" as most bright shades. I think every girl should own a rosy pink, a mint green, a lilac and a peonie orange nail varnish! But that's just my opinion :) What do you think?


  1. I definitely agree with the mint green! I love the colour on nails. I would say they're a definie must have colours for early spring when you're so tired of all the gry, you just want to remember what the sun and fun feels like!

    1. Yes, mint green is great. I also really like it on my foot nails as it's a nice change from the usual reds and pinks! Thank you for leaving a comment!! x

  2. I love these colors...it makes my heart smile to see happy colors for Spring. Glad I found your bloggy woggy, I'm now following.