20 May 2013

The Second Bedroom

Photos here.
Since Joe and I have now finished all of the rough decorating such as large furniture, wall finishes and lamps in all our main rooms, there is really only the second bedroom left. We agree that we would like it to be some sort of casual office / retreat for whenever we want to read a book in quiet or when the television program in the living room is one sided (such as football vs. Downton Abbey - well I'm sure you know what I mean) with the possibility to set it up as a guest bedroom. This means that all of the clutter has to be on the walls so that we can fit a mattress etc in the middle of the room whenever this is required. The desk should be small but stylish, perhaps a 1950s Danish design. I like all of the above photos and they have already inspired me with regard to how I imagine the look our office. Hopefully we can get it underway very soon!!

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