28 May 2013

THE Strappy Sandals

In the middle: Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere - Black Strappy Heels - Nude Strappy Heels - White Strappy Heels
Remember when this tote bag went viral and everybody seemed to have one? Or when this coat with the quilted leather sleeves became the winter must have (and the one item I rapidly grew tired of because it kept popping up everywhere)? Well, this summer, it seems Zara have yet again designed a piece which every other blogger and girl in town seems to be wearing. These strappy heels above look elegant, trendy and yet totally classic and go with almost every outfit - from casual jeans and t-shirt combinations, over casual summer dresses, to chic and business outfits. Payday is on Friday and I am very much hoping to bag at least one of these beautiful sandals (the nude ones are probably my favourites).


  1. I love the black ones! But I'm not sure about the single strap in the front. Think I need a test...finally a Zara is opening in Bremen, so I ge tmy chance. ;)

    1. You didn't have a Zara before?? That's mad! Bremen has all sorts of shops! Well, lucky you're getting one because not having one is really missing out on all the fun ;) If I get them, I'll let you know how comfy they are! x

  2. I've got the nude ones and they are REALLY comfy!! I think it's something to do with the diagonal strap that keeps your toes in check :)

  3. Lovely shoes. The only problem I have with them is the heel. I absolutely do not like stiletto heels or anything spindly. I prefer low heels or no heels at all. They give me the freedom to walk as fast as I want to. However to each her own ;-) Love the colors on all of these.