28 Jun 2013

Make the Switch

I have posted this once before but because it's getting serious now, I am reposting it: Google Reader will no longer work from July 1st and I would be sad to lose all of you lovely readers so I would like you to know that there are other ways to follow me. One of these is Bloglovin'. Making the switch to is incredibly easy:

1. Sign in to Bloglovin' and click on "Account" on the top right hand side
2. Click on "Settings" in the dropdown box
3. Scroll down to "Other" and click on "Import Blogs"
4. Click "Google Reader"
5. Click "Import from Google Reader"
6. Now you have to allow Bloglovin' access to your Google Reader and the rest will be done for you.

In case you don't want to move your entire Google Reader, simply click on this link here and follow me individually. Thank you xx!! If you haven't got a Bloglovin' account yet, I very much recommend signing up for one because it is handy, neat and organised. Otherwise you can follow me via Facebook, Twitter, the RSS Feed, or via email (simply scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your email address on the right hand side and click "submit"). Hopefully I will keep seeing you on Blueberry Days!! x

Keeping Fit

The things we do to keep fit and slim are crazy sometimes. One of my colleagues (and half the rest of the world) is trying the Fast Diet currently where she starves herself for two days a week and reduced calories for the rest of the week which sounds horrendous to me. I tried the Dukan Diet before and although results were good, I didn't really like dieting at all which is why I resorted back to regular work outs with my normal eating habits. I am a gym-phobe but I have a book specifically dedicated to bum, tummy and leg workouts and I like doing 30 minutes of Pilates at home after work. I found this 7 Minute Workout on The Times blog and thought it might be worth sharing because it claims to be everything you need to stay slim and fit without ever entering a gym. Let me know if you've tried it already, I am certainly intrigued.

19 Jun 2013

Freebie | Holiday Check List

As you may know, I am going on holiday to Egypt tomorrow and I won't be in the bloggosphere for a week. You can check my Instagram for holiday snapshots every now and then (given I have WiFi) but otherwise I won't be online at all - goodness, it'll be so refreshing!! Hopefully Joe and I will spend a wonderful week sunbathing, scuba diving, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine and scorching heat. Other than that we really don't have any plans at all. Above you can see my holiday checklist. I panic without it, constantly wondering if I forgot something and perhaps you feel similarly about packing and in that case you can download it here and simply print it off (obviously I don't always take EVERYTHING from the list with me - simply cross out the irrelevant stuff). 

© Blueberry Days. Holiday checklist is for private use only - not for commercial use! 
The frame is a Liberty print.

18 Jun 2013

Festival Fashion #3

From left to right: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7
For festivals I either like to wear floral sundresses or shorts with loose fitting tops to feel comfortable and to avoid a struggle during the visits of portable loos (you know what I mean...). To mix it up a little, I usually pack at least one Hawaiian print top or T for really warm and sunny days to wear with a skirt and sandals, a lacy one to wear with cut offs and plimsolls and one dark and embellished one for in the evening which won't be "intimidated" by a pair of black wellies. If you have those (as well as a few sundresses) in your backpack, you will always have the right thing to wear at the right time. 

17 Jun 2013

The Denim Jacket

A few weeks ago, I got my hands on a very cheap denim jacket and because I don't really know how much use I will get out of it (yet), as I haven't had a denim jacket since the age of 5 probably, I bought it straight away - at that price I just couldn't say no. However, there was one problem, the buttons looked really cheap and I didn't really want to wear it like that. So I looked up how to remove jeans buttons and consulted my Mum and figured I can do it. Then I searched the web for new, nicer buttons and found these. Removing the buttons proved a lot more difficult than I originally thought, but I finally managed to hammer them off. This damaged the denim slightly but I stitched it back up and because the jacket has a distressed look anyway, I don't mind it at all. Afterwards I hammered the new buttons back using a wooden board as surface, a piece of wadding to protect the buttons and a hammer. Easy. Now the jacket looks lovely and I've already worn it twice so it was well worth the while.

14 Jun 2013

Weekly Instagram

Lovely breakfast at Workshop Coffee - Browsing Furniture for the second bedroom - Ice cream stall at Broadway Market - Lounging at the canal - Yummy chocolate peanut butter whoopie pie from Violet Cakes - Dessert on Sunday night - My new denim jacket (first one since I was 5) - Courgette salad - Assembling my holiday uniform - Talking tattoos - Cider Wednesday - Chopping lemons for fresh summer drinks

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13 Jun 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide

1. BBQ Tool Set - £30 // 2. Men's Glasses Case - £18 // 3.Whiskey Stones - £17
4. Compass Cufflinks (Etsy) - £7 // 5. Wooden iPhone Case (Etsy) - £16 // 6. Personalised Tie Hanger - £27.50

It's Father's Day this weekend and there is still time to get a last minute present now. I think my Dad would be happiest with #1 and #3 and I am sure that there is at least one great gift for every Dad in my selection of six above. Let's hope for some sunshine and warm temperatures over the weekend so that we can all make the most of it!

12 Jun 2013

Film Night

Film night with your Other Half: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" - "Carnage" - "Snatch"
Do you have classic go-to movies that you pull out at least once a year to watch and that you don't get tired of? I have quite a few of those and I usually pull one of them out when I have friends over or when Joe and I have run out of films to watch. I have put together my favourite 6 (3 movies for girls and 3 movies that boys will also want to watch) and perhaps you haven't seen one or the other and might get inspired for your next film night!? Links go right to IMDB so that you can check them out in more detail!

Film night with your girlfriends: "Factory Girl" - "Ruby Sparks" - "Amelie"

11 Jun 2013

The Perfect Pout

Photos can be found on my Pinterest Beauty Board.
Although I know that lipstick can be a bit of trouble - you have to make sure you don't smear it anywhere, drinking, eating and kissing becomes tricky and your skin should be as flawless as possible - a bright or statement lip colour can be very empowering. Personally, I think I look better, healthier and more fun if I wear either my bright pink, bright red or dark red lipstick. I often restrict it to special occasions, but every once in a while I put some on for just a normal day at work, a day in the park or just while shopping in town. You should try it too, it does really have an impact on your mood - and mainly in a good way! I quite like the Rimmel Moitsure Renew Lipsticks; try Diva Red, Berry Queen or Rose Passion for the perfect pout!

10 Jun 2013

Denim Dress Parade

The other day I walked around GAP and discovered their cute utility denim dress (see number 4) and I was absolutely smitten. Because I was actually looking for a pair of shorts - which I bought - the budget didn't allow for the dress as well so I just let it go. However, suddenly I am seeing denim sundresses everywhere and am rethinking the purchase. Although they often looked a little bit too "hipster" in my opinion, I actually have changed my mind and think that denim dresses are extremely cute, wearable and never too dressy when worn right, such as with colour pop sandals or plimsolls and not much else (to avoid actually looking hipster). Now that the summer sale has (partially) started, it is not hard to find a little bargain here and there so I might just get one of the above to take on holiday with me!

7 Jun 2013

Happy Days

This week has simply been amazing. The sale has started in the UK and although work has been extremely busy, I have not felt stressed or unhappy simply because I went outside in the park every day for my lunch break to sit in the sun for an hour. And the sun has been out every day, it's been warm and birds are chirping happily. I don't know about you, but even the worst days become alright when the sun is out and when you have a little time to enjoy it. Above are 4 happy summer moments captured by me on Instagram. Follow along if you like :)

6 Jun 2013

My iPhone Photo Apps

Today I am going to introduce you to my world of iPhone photography. Admittedly, I am relatively addicted to taking photos with my phone and then turning them into something even more special. Perhaps that is because I only got my iPhone quite late through iPhone-Mania and it was just not as much fun with my old BB due to the lack of good Apps (I guess it is more of a business phone anyway). I think this post is a really great idea because every time I see a pretty photo online, I wonder which App was used to create it and spend hours if not days trying to find out (it's not often that someone let's you know which one they used...). In total I have 15 apps for photography + the camera on my phone. The ones I use the most are the first 5, #9 and #16. Some of the others have similar features like #7 and #8 (first I had the standard Photo Collage App and then I had a chance to get the more advanced Pro Collage for free so I downloaded it). Below you can find names, prices and what the Apps can do (although one photo can't actually show just how much some of these Apps can do). Perhaps I'll do another tutorial and explain a few of the Apps in more detail.

1) Camera (takes photos) - ESSENTIAL
2) Instagram (adds filters) - FREE 
3) A Beautiful Mess (adds filters, frames, text and doodles) £0.69 
4) Whitagram (adds white background) - FREE 
5) Afterlight (adds filters, frames, editing) £0.69 
6) Bubble Frame (adds round frames) - FREE 
7) Pro Collage (make collages, template and creative) - £0.69 
8) Photo Collage (makes simple collages) - FREE 
9) Over (adds writing with variety of fonts) - £0.69
10) PS Express (editing) - FREE 
11) Picfix (adds filters and bokeh) - £1.49 
12) Bokeh Camera Fix (adds freehand bokeh) - FREE 
13) Dubblen (mirrors photos) - FREE 
14) Instablend (makes double exposure photos) - FREE 
15) Fast Camera (takes a lot of photos in a row) - FREE 
16) Dropbox (stores photos, swap between PC and phone) - FREE

5 Jun 2013

Summer Sandals

In the summer I am all for flat strappy sandals with the rare exception of special occasions (such as weddings, date nights and birthday parties). My main objective is to be comfortable because, particularly when it gets really warm, I don't want to be stuck in an uncomfy heel in which my swollen feet feel even worse. The only heeled shoe which I allow in my wardrobe during the summer are wedges, espadrilles and comfy platforms (like #9 which I tried on and which are GORGEOUS). Otherwise every woman should have a black, a nude, a navy and a red, green or yellow sandal to get through the summer without ever lacking shoe perfection!!

4 Jun 2013

Joe's Reiss Look

Reiss Wickham Chino - Reiss 1971 Knit Sweater (similar) - Reiss Double Monk Strap Shoe
Tom Ford Sunglasses
Joe is currently taking part in a Reiss competition on Instagram (to win a £500 voucher to spend in one of their stores) and I took a lot of great photos of him wearing his favourite Spring/Summer outfits. I thought it would be a waste not to do anything with them  other than a few Instagram snaps and perhaps I have some male readers or readers with a boyfriend / fiancĂ© / husband / brother in need of some fashion advice. So here he's wearing one of the outfits which is perfect for one of those sunny days which are still a little too chilly for shorts and t-shirts. The stone coloured chinos are a lot more lightweight than jeans though and the monk shoes ad a bit of smart and style to the casual outfit. This is also a perfect combination for dress down Friday's at the office.

3 Jun 2013


French Connection Lou Lou Bandeau Top and Briefs
Girls, I have a problem - admittedly a bit of a luxury problem - and I need your help! As you may have read, I am going on holiday in a few weeks time and I want to treat myself to a new bikini. The question is now: which one to get? I love the current swimwear collection from French Connection (see first 2 options) but I am also a big fan of high wasted bikini bottoms as they look a bit fun, different and quirky (plus, it means I don't have to go super strict on my pre holiday diet). I am tending towards the turquoise one above but I would love your help deciding which one is the prettiest! Thank you!! x
French Connection Dragonfly Bandeau Top and Briefs
ASOS Hawaii Print Bikini - ASOS Pastel Graphic Bikini