28 Jun 2013

Keeping Fit

The things we do to keep fit and slim are crazy sometimes. One of my colleagues (and half the rest of the world) is trying the Fast Diet currently where she starves herself for two days a week and reduced calories for the rest of the week which sounds horrendous to me. I tried the Dukan Diet before and although results were good, I didn't really like dieting at all which is why I resorted back to regular work outs with my normal eating habits. I am a gym-phobe but I have a book specifically dedicated to bum, tummy and leg workouts and I like doing 30 minutes of Pilates at home after work. I found this 7 Minute Workout on The Times blog and thought it might be worth sharing because it claims to be everything you need to stay slim and fit without ever entering a gym. Let me know if you've tried it already, I am certainly intrigued.


  1. I'm not one for gyms either... This workout might be something I'll have to try though!
    xo Heather