6 Jun 2013

My iPhone Photo Apps

Today I am going to introduce you to my world of iPhone photography. Admittedly, I am relatively addicted to taking photos with my phone and then turning them into something even more special. Perhaps that is because I only got my iPhone quite late through iPhone-Mania and it was just not as much fun with my old BB due to the lack of good Apps (I guess it is more of a business phone anyway). I think this post is a really great idea because every time I see a pretty photo online, I wonder which App was used to create it and spend hours if not days trying to find out (it's not often that someone let's you know which one they used...). In total I have 15 apps for photography + the camera on my phone. The ones I use the most are the first 5, #9 and #16. Some of the others have similar features like #7 and #8 (first I had the standard Photo Collage App and then I had a chance to get the more advanced Pro Collage for free so I downloaded it). Below you can find names, prices and what the Apps can do (although one photo can't actually show just how much some of these Apps can do). Perhaps I'll do another tutorial and explain a few of the Apps in more detail.

1) Camera (takes photos) - ESSENTIAL
2) Instagram (adds filters) - FREE 
3) A Beautiful Mess (adds filters, frames, text and doodles) £0.69 
4) Whitagram (adds white background) - FREE 
5) Afterlight (adds filters, frames, editing) £0.69 
6) Bubble Frame (adds round frames) - FREE 
7) Pro Collage (make collages, template and creative) - £0.69 
8) Photo Collage (makes simple collages) - FREE 
9) Over (adds writing with variety of fonts) - £0.69
10) PS Express (editing) - FREE 
11) Picfix (adds filters and bokeh) - £1.49 
12) Bokeh Camera Fix (adds freehand bokeh) - FREE 
13) Dubblen (mirrors photos) - FREE 
14) Instablend (makes double exposure photos) - FREE 
15) Fast Camera (takes a lot of photos in a row) - FREE 
16) Dropbox (stores photos, swap between PC and phone) - FREE


  1. Oooooooh! I like the look of 13 and 14 - haven't been able to find any apps that create these kind of effects - def download :)

  2. Thanks for you effort collecting this great bunch of great photo apps. I already know some of them but sure will give no 13 and 14 a try. :) Have a nice weekend!

    1. They both require some figuring out at first but they make very pretty photos!! Glad you like it :) Hope you have a great weekend too!! x