17 Jun 2013

The Denim Jacket

A few weeks ago, I got my hands on a very cheap denim jacket and because I don't really know how much use I will get out of it (yet), as I haven't had a denim jacket since the age of 5 probably, I bought it straight away - at that price I just couldn't say no. However, there was one problem, the buttons looked really cheap and I didn't really want to wear it like that. So I looked up how to remove jeans buttons and consulted my Mum and figured I can do it. Then I searched the web for new, nicer buttons and found these. Removing the buttons proved a lot more difficult than I originally thought, but I finally managed to hammer them off. This damaged the denim slightly but I stitched it back up and because the jacket has a distressed look anyway, I don't mind it at all. Afterwards I hammered the new buttons back using a wooden board as surface, a piece of wadding to protect the buttons and a hammer. Easy. Now the jacket looks lovely and I've already worn it twice so it was well worth the while.