11 Jun 2013

The Perfect Pout

Photos can be found on my Pinterest Beauty Board.
Although I know that lipstick can be a bit of trouble - you have to make sure you don't smear it anywhere, drinking, eating and kissing becomes tricky and your skin should be as flawless as possible - a bright or statement lip colour can be very empowering. Personally, I think I look better, healthier and more fun if I wear either my bright pink, bright red or dark red lipstick. I often restrict it to special occasions, but every once in a while I put some on for just a normal day at work, a day in the park or just while shopping in town. You should try it too, it does really have an impact on your mood - and mainly in a good way! I quite like the Rimmel Moitsure Renew Lipsticks; try Diva Red, Berry Queen or Rose Passion for the perfect pout!

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