31 Jul 2013

Fashion | Early Autumn Favourites

[First Outfit]
Muubaa Leather Jacket - £380 // H&M Blouse - £15 // Forever21 Bib Necklace - £5 // H&M Skinny Jeans - £20 //  
Forever21 Belt - £4 // Essie Chinchilly - £9 // H&M Ankle Boots - £30 // Mulberry Bayswater - £895

[Second Outfit]

[Third Outfit]

I know summer isn't officially over yet, but with the new Autumn collections hitting stores in town, I have started browsing a little and fallen in love with all the amazing colours  all over, including deep reds, plums & oxbloods, vibrant mustards, beautiful teal & indigos, sexy blacks & subtle greys. Being a total Autumn person, I love dressing up in the Autumn colour palette, putting on black tights again and wrapping up in pretty jackets and scarves. I am particularly smitten with some of the new H&M collection which is why it is featured A LOT in my 3 favourite early Autumn outfits above. And to check out all of my favourite Autumn nail polish colours simply click here. PS: The Mulberry bags are currently still wishful thinking :)

30 Jul 2013

Drinks | Summer Cocktails

There are not many things nicer on a warm summer eve than a refreshing cocktail. In bars and restaurants, I usually go for a simple Mojito or a Gin Fizz because I am not overly into super sweet cocktails and I only very rarely go for something fruity. However, I recently started a "Drinks" board on Pinterest and there are quite a few variations of classic cocktails which look extremely nice despite sounding slightly on the sweeter side, including a Pomegranate Margarita, a Limoncello Spritzer, a Kiwi Caipiroska, a Southern Belle-ini, and a Rose Sangria. I would love to try them some time soon! Do you have any favourite cocktails?

29 Jul 2013

Freebie | Fonts

It's about time for a little font porn (my last one was aaaaages ago here). I love collecting different fonts and particularly if they come free. The six above are some of my current favourites and they cover a huge area of "font need" such as 20s party invites with Empire State Deco or Happy 4th of July cards with Stars and Stripes. The Budmo Jiggler literally works with everything and always looks fancy. Have you got any good free font suggestions?

26 Jul 2013

Instagram | Favourites

Ruth Hengeveld }
Everyone obviously thinks different about this one but I am following a few people on Instagram who consistently post really great little photos and I thought I'd promote them a little bit by suggesting them to you. On Instagram I am not too interested in fashion photos and what I often find myself admiring the most are photos of interior desgin, nature, random prettiness and food. So here I go, recommending my 4 favourite instagrammers to you. Do you have any favourites which you could recommend to me?
Kate Glitter }

Amy Moss }
Ilse }

25 Jul 2013

Drinks | Ice Cream Float

I know this may not be news for most of you, however, I hadn't heard of ice cream floats until I moved to London and even then it took me almost a year now before I actually had one. But for all of you who didn't know about ice cream floats yet, do try it at home - it's easy, you don't need a lot of ingredients and it is a fun summer refreshment. I really enjoyed my first float and I have had a few more since. I probably won't get as addicted as I became to cream soda (which I also only discovered about a year ago) but it's something I'm glad I tried :)

24 Jul 2013

Shoes | TOMs Classics

Classic Grey // Classic Polka Dot // Classic Tropical // Classic Orchid
I'm always looking for casual, sporty shoes that I can wear with both dresses and jeans, walk in for ages and which don't look like your typical trainer (because I don't like that other than in the gym). Converse sneakers and plimsolls are great, however, TOMs seem even better so I have started browsing their website to see if I can find a style which I like and which won't look too hippie-esque. The four above are my favourites and now I only need to make a decision and wait for pay day to join the TOMs club. Have you got a pair? What is your favourite colour?

23 Jul 2013

Home | Glass Matters

Champagne Saucer: Example // Product

I previously told you about my dream of turning our bland next-to-the fridge and in-between-living-and-dining-room area into a space for a bar cart, complete with a painting above it. But once we'll have a cart, we'll need to decorate it and not only with the kumquat tree we bought a little while ago, but also with spirits, glasses and accessories. Buying the alcohol will be expensive but won't need a lot of thinking. However, glasses and accessories need a little more thought and so I have started looking into the kinds of glasses we could put on the cart. We already have some very simple drinking glasses, the edge wine and prossecco glasses from Crate & Barrel as well as a few whiskey tumblers. I am thinking of getting a set of champagne saucers which will work not only with champagne but also with a lot of cocktails, as well as a set of stemless round wine glasses which look quirky and are versatile, too. Next, I will be looking into bar accessories - let's just hope we'll find the perfect cart / trolley soon!!

Edge Prossecco Glass: Example // Product
Stemless Wine Glass: Example // Product
Edge Wine Glass: Example // Product

22 Jul 2013

Travel | Trip to the Sea

Last Sunday, Joe and I took a trip into the New Forest to visit his Nan, but we actually ended up going to the Sea rather than into the forest in the end. The weather was gorgeous, the sea water smell was in the air, we had ice cream and there were loads of boats on the water. It was such a wonderful day and I hadn't even known up till then how much I missed the sea. I grew up next to it for the first 20 years of my life and then never lived near it again. I decided to go visit it more often now!

Instagram | Weekly

Blueberries & Greek yoghurt for breakfast - evening reading - Smarties ice cream - sunset - London is scorching - funny street art - visiting a Bunhill Fields cemetery where Daniel Defoe and William Blake are buried - Live at the Chapel comedy on Saturday night - morning lounging - pink on pink - cute paper straws - playing with neon leather at work - wearing neon sandals - beautiful evening sky - coffee + ice cream refreshments - Yoomoo frozen yoghurt desserts *yum*

18 Jul 2013

Shoes | Peeptoe Heels

White // Tan // Black // Black Patent // Red Patent
Finding a great pair of heels that's comfortable, stylish and versatile can be really tricky. Often you only find shoes that meet 1-2 of the three criteria and you'll end up not wearing them as much as you could be. One of my colleagues at work is wearing the Office Opal heels in tan today and I noticed them as particularly pretty and I am sure they will work in the summer as well as in autumn / winter with tights which makes them quite versatile. Now obviously that doesn't make them comfortable as well so I will go into town after work today and try them on. I'll keep you updated on my findings :) 

17 Jul 2013

Life | Summer Days

Just a happy moment from the holiday today as it is too hot to come up with any clever blog ideas. Hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday with lots of chilled drinks and ice cream! x

16 Jul 2013

Beauty | Perfection

1 Swiss 25,83€ // 2 Satin Tiffany Blue 28,26€ // 3 Universal Elegance 31,31€ // 4 Nippons Frühling 30,61€
There are things in life that, although appreciated, you never REALLY appreciate enough until they are broken. Last weekend I accidentally threw my tweezers out the window - don't ask how - and because they didn't survive the fall from the twelfth floor, I now have to buy a new pair. I already decided to re-buy the same ones as I had before: The Rubis Swiss Tweezers with slanted tips (see red ones above). I have used at least 6 different kinds of tweezers during my eyebrow tweezing life and these are by far the best. They get even the tiniest little hairs and manage to grab slightly ingrown hairs due to the precision sharp tips. The price of £21 / 25€ is totally worth it because unless you drop them, they will last you a lifetime. I got my red ones for my birthday in 2007 and they have lasted 6 years without losing any of their precision. Rubis tweezers come with a little rubber head to protect the tips in washbags and the like. Perfection!

15 Jul 2013

Food | Key Lime Pie

As I mentioned and documented on Instagram, I made my first key lime pie last week. I am a total cake person, but on warmer days I love to make something a bit more refreshing and using summer produce is key (literally in this case). I introduced you to some of my go-to baked goods for hot days here but a key lime pie was still missing from the list. I got the recipe from the Jamie Oliver website and only changed it slightly by using light condensed milk (instead of the normal one) and a little more lime to increase the flavour. Th texture is creamy yet not too rich and it tastes absolutely great! I love the contract between the crunchy, sweet digestive crust and the creamy, soft and slightly sour filling. A true summer baking dream!

PS: Check out my lemon tart here, it is similarly gorgeous!

12 Jul 2013

Instagram | Weekly

Today the weekly instagram consists of two parts SUMMER and LIFE because that's what this week was all about. We were so blessed with lots of sunshine and while a London summer can be a bit of a pain (it gets super hot and super stuffy) I was enjoying it a lot. We had ice cream for treats at work, I made my first key lime pie (recipe on Monday - promise) and I had loads of iced coffees and summer fruit such as blueberries and cherries (my favourites). I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!! xox

11 Jul 2013

Fashion | Scalloped Goodness

I realize scallops aren't exactly the latest fashion, however, I would just like to make a point of how much I love them. They add fun little details to otherwise plain summer pieces such as shorts and tops and really make a difference for the whole outfit. Sadly I only have 1 scalloped top in my wardrobe (from the H&M Conscious Collection) and that's it. My STYLE board on Pinterest is not quite as sparse though as I am collecting scallop-looks whenever I come across one. My favourites are above (credits in the Pinterest folder). What do you think? Is it too late for scalloped edges in fashion or should I go out and find some more to add to my wardrobe? 

10 Jul 2013

Bags | Accessorize Mari Tote

When I'm out and about over the weekend, I usually carry a small little satchel or clutch around with me to avoid taking unnecessary stuff with me and straining my shoulder. But for work I love to have a huge bag that can take my normal stuff, a little beauty kit, my work note book, my lunch, whichever book I am reading and perhaps even a magazine. The above Mari Tote from Accessorize seems like the perfect weekday companion and I am thinking of spending a little money to replace my current tote bag (which is starting to fall apart a little). I love the pink one but I am thinking nude or brown will be more versatile - I included the black one only for fun as I am good for black bags. What do you think?

9 Jul 2013

Food | Summer Baking

Strawberry Muffins // Lemon Tart // Crumble Option 1 // Crumble Option 2 // Träubelesbrot
In the summer and generally on hot days you want your baking to be light and refreshing, including loads of seasonal fruit. My favourites are muffins with berries such as the Strawberry ones above, a cold slice of lemon tart for dessert after dinner, a berry or rhubarb crumble and my Mum's recipe for Träubelesbrot with white and red currents. Tonight I'll be making my first key lime pie and hopefully I can add it to my list of summer favourites!

8 Jul 2013

Travel | Places

I realize I've only just come back from my summer holiday but I am already thinking about the next one. There are so many beautiful and stunning places in this world which I am never going to see but I want to try visit at least the ones I am most keen about. I have started accumulating photos of amazing places on a Pinterest board here (where you'll also find the creds for these photos). Why don't you tag along and share my passion for travel, sunshine, the sea and beautiful scenery.

5 Jul 2013

Instagram | Egypt

To end this first week back at work, I am reminiscing about the holiday with a little Egyptagram collage. I am really looking forward to the weekend today as this week has been pretty busy and the weather is meant to be really nice so we might go for a pub BBQ and enjoy some outside-time in London. What are your weekend plans? x

4 Jul 2013

Life | Happy 4th of July

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
Happy 4th of July to all of my American readers!! I hope you have a fantastic day with lots of sunshine, your family and friends and a great barbeque party!! Above you'll find a little inspiration to make your day especially red, white and blue. You should have a browse on Pinterest, you'll find loads more themed food and drinks on there. And for all my other readers: go ahead and try some of these recipes, they are delicious!!

3 Jul 2013

Food | Antipasti Afternoons

On really hot summer days, I'm often not in the mood to eat at all, particularly when it's super humid. However, when I do get a little peckish, I love to resort to an antipasti plate of olives, cherry tomatoes, ciabatta bread, chorizo and so on. I mean, the Italians / Spanish invented it which means it naturally goes with hot weather, right (?) - it feels lighter than a proper lunch or dinner, it's savoury with a lovely mix of favours (I feel sweet is never a good idea on hot days unless it comes in the form of ice cream or iced drinks), you can simply pick bits and bobs until you had enough and you can leave it out for later without needing to worry about it. Perfect! This antipasti mix also makes a great picnic! Simply add a box of strawberries and champagne for dessert and off you go.

2 Jul 2013

Fashion | Wimbledon Whites

1 Eden Dress £48 // 2 Shirt Dress £33 // 3 Flowery Tunic £59.90
4 Lace Shift Dress £60 // 5 Halter Dress £48 // 6 Cotton Dress £43.50
It is well known that Wimbledon traditionally requires a dress code of white so it's very lucky that London is currently bathing in a little sunshine and warmth. I am not a HUGE fan of white because I tend to spill coffee, food or juice on me (often) but every once in a while a white dress can be really refreshing and fun. I love # 1,3,5 because of the bright print details which make the dresses look more casual. I would probably combine some colourful accessories such as a belt or necklace with # 2,4,6 to achieve a similar effect. Which one's your favourite?

1 Jul 2013

Travel | Egyptian Getaway

For our summer holiday this year, Joe and I went to Egypt for a week of relaxation, sunshine, diving / snorkelling and a little sightseeing. We had booked our stay at an all-inclusive resort at the Sharm El-Sheik Coast, the Royal Albatros Moderna. I might have mentioned that I hadn't gone on a proper holiday in ages and our Egyptian getaway really lived up to all of my expectations: it was boiling, I got loads of sunshine, the sea was turquoise and the pool was BIG. Here you'll get an idea of what our holiday was like.

Although the beaches had very grainy sand and were a little uncomfortable to walk on without shoes, Joe and I went for a few walks to enjoy the sea. The many jetties were fun to walk out on and gave us some great views over the Sinai mountains - the sunsets were so beautiful!!

Egyptian recycling really made me laugh.
On one of the days we got up very early to fly to Luxor for the sightseeing leg of our trip. Although Luxor doesn't have any pyramids (for those you have to visit Cairo), they have the Valley of the Kings, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon as well as Karnak and Luxor Temples (the first has been set to quite a few movies including Transformers and James Bond). Most of these sights were very impressive although sadly a lot of them are not in great condition, but then I guess they are about 3000-4000 years old.
Valley of the Kings
Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut
Colossi of Memnon
Karnak Temple

Luxor Temple
For our second day trip, we booked a diving tour which meant getting up early again to get on a boat taking us out to the Ras Muhammad National Park. We stopped at three different reefs and while half the group (incl. Joe) went diving, the rest of us had fun snorkelling. To be honest, it was my first time ever and due to a bit of a childhood trauma, I am extremely scared of having my head under water. It took me a while to figure out how to breathe under water with my snorkelling gear (first I either couldn't get myself to breathe at all or started hyperventilating), but once I got it, I really enjoyed myself (always staying at very close distance to the swim ring though). 
Fun day on the boat out on the Red Sea.