3 Jul 2013

Food | Antipasti Afternoons

On really hot summer days, I'm often not in the mood to eat at all, particularly when it's super humid. However, when I do get a little peckish, I love to resort to an antipasti plate of olives, cherry tomatoes, ciabatta bread, chorizo and so on. I mean, the Italians / Spanish invented it which means it naturally goes with hot weather, right (?) - it feels lighter than a proper lunch or dinner, it's savoury with a lovely mix of favours (I feel sweet is never a good idea on hot days unless it comes in the form of ice cream or iced drinks), you can simply pick bits and bobs until you had enough and you can leave it out for later without needing to worry about it. Perfect! This antipasti mix also makes a great picnic! Simply add a box of strawberries and champagne for dessert and off you go.

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