31 Jul 2013

Fashion | Early Autumn Favourites

[First Outfit]
Muubaa Leather Jacket - £380 // H&M Blouse - £15 // Forever21 Bib Necklace - £5 // H&M Skinny Jeans - £20 //  
Forever21 Belt - £4 // Essie Chinchilly - £9 // H&M Ankle Boots - £30 // Mulberry Bayswater - £895

[Second Outfit]

[Third Outfit]

I know summer isn't officially over yet, but with the new Autumn collections hitting stores in town, I have started browsing a little and fallen in love with all the amazing colours  all over, including deep reds, plums & oxbloods, vibrant mustards, beautiful teal & indigos, sexy blacks & subtle greys. Being a total Autumn person, I love dressing up in the Autumn colour palette, putting on black tights again and wrapping up in pretty jackets and scarves. I am particularly smitten with some of the new H&M collection which is why it is featured A LOT in my 3 favourite early Autumn outfits above. And to check out all of my favourite Autumn nail polish colours simply click here. PS: The Mulberry bags are currently still wishful thinking :)

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