23 Jul 2013

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Champagne Saucer: Example // Product

I previously told you about my dream of turning our bland next-to-the fridge and in-between-living-and-dining-room area into a space for a bar cart, complete with a painting above it. But once we'll have a cart, we'll need to decorate it and not only with the kumquat tree we bought a little while ago, but also with spirits, glasses and accessories. Buying the alcohol will be expensive but won't need a lot of thinking. However, glasses and accessories need a little more thought and so I have started looking into the kinds of glasses we could put on the cart. We already have some very simple drinking glasses, the edge wine and prossecco glasses from Crate & Barrel as well as a few whiskey tumblers. I am thinking of getting a set of champagne saucers which will work not only with champagne but also with a lot of cocktails, as well as a set of stemless round wine glasses which look quirky and are versatile, too. Next, I will be looking into bar accessories - let's just hope we'll find the perfect cart / trolley soon!!

Edge Prossecco Glass: Example // Product
Stemless Wine Glass: Example // Product
Edge Wine Glass: Example // Product

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