18 Jul 2013

Shoes | Peeptoe Heels

White // Tan // Black // Black Patent // Red Patent
Finding a great pair of heels that's comfortable, stylish and versatile can be really tricky. Often you only find shoes that meet 1-2 of the three criteria and you'll end up not wearing them as much as you could be. One of my colleagues at work is wearing the Office Opal heels in tan today and I noticed them as particularly pretty and I am sure they will work in the summer as well as in autumn / winter with tights which makes them quite versatile. Now obviously that doesn't make them comfortable as well so I will go into town after work today and try them on. I'll keep you updated on my findings :) 


  1. I bought some on Saturday, black leather ones! They tick all the boxes for me, I'm wearing them at work as we speak :)

    1. I tried them on and they were a dream - just got to wait for pay day now :)