16 Jul 2013

Beauty | Perfection

1 Swiss 25,83€ // 2 Satin Tiffany Blue 28,26€ // 3 Universal Elegance 31,31€ // 4 Nippons Frühling 30,61€
There are things in life that, although appreciated, you never REALLY appreciate enough until they are broken. Last weekend I accidentally threw my tweezers out the window - don't ask how - and because they didn't survive the fall from the twelfth floor, I now have to buy a new pair. I already decided to re-buy the same ones as I had before: The Rubis Swiss Tweezers with slanted tips (see red ones above). I have used at least 6 different kinds of tweezers during my eyebrow tweezing life and these are by far the best. They get even the tiniest little hairs and manage to grab slightly ingrown hairs due to the precision sharp tips. The price of £21 / 25€ is totally worth it because unless you drop them, they will last you a lifetime. I got my red ones for my birthday in 2007 and they have lasted 6 years without losing any of their precision. Rubis tweezers come with a little rubber head to protect the tips in washbags and the like. Perfection!

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