2 Jul 2013

Fashion | Wimbledon Whites

1 Eden Dress £48 // 2 Shirt Dress £33 // 3 Flowery Tunic £59.90
4 Lace Shift Dress £60 // 5 Halter Dress £48 // 6 Cotton Dress £43.50
It is well known that Wimbledon traditionally requires a dress code of white so it's very lucky that London is currently bathing in a little sunshine and warmth. I am not a HUGE fan of white because I tend to spill coffee, food or juice on me (often) but every once in a while a white dress can be really refreshing and fun. I love # 1,3,5 because of the bright print details which make the dresses look more casual. I would probably combine some colourful accessories such as a belt or necklace with # 2,4,6 to achieve a similar effect. Which one's your favourite?

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