30 Aug 2013

London | Bake-a-Boo

Last weekend I had my two best friends from uni staying over in London for 4 1/2 days packed with fun stuff, sightseeing, shopping and catching up. We had a good mix of rain and shunshine and got up to loads, including an interesting Jack-the-Ripper Walk through the East End and a visit to the Notting Hill Carnival. However, one of my favourite parts must have been Sunday Tea at the Bake-a-Boo in West Hampstead. It is one of the cutest most special caf├ęs I know. Its doll-house interior is kept in pastel colours and white, the fairy cakes, scones and other bakes goods are lovely to look at and very delicious, too, and the atmosphere is just fantastic. Although we didn't go for their proper afternoon tea which you have to book in advance, we had an amazing time. Together with us there were two other groups of girls, a hen do and a baby shower, and I don't think there is a much better venue for any of those two occasion than the Bake-a-Boo :) By the way, I went for scones with jam & cream and tea while my friends had cupcakes, a hot chocolate and another tea... yum!!

28 Aug 2013

Shop Love | Flapperdoodle

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
Do you know Eloise, the sweet flapper doodle created by Kate Gabrielle? In her Etsy shop you'll find loads of prints like the four above as well as birthday, Christmas, bridesmaids and just-so cards, earrings, necklaces and plenty more. I am absolutely in love with her Audrey Hepburn doodles as well as that Mad Men doodle on the top right. I can see them hanging in offices, bedrooms, guest WCs, hallways and over bars. Aren't you just totally won over, too?

27 Aug 2013

DIY | Instagram Photo Wall

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
You know when you take tons of photos on Instagram and they just sit there and you never actually do anything with them? Personally I really like all those little snapshots I am taking and would love to have them printed out. Being able to physically display them on our bookshelf etc and to look at them on a more regular basis (also the slightly older ones) would be awesome. There are plenty of different websites offering to print your Instagram photos at relatively affordable prices (see here, here, here, here, here and here) and above you'll find a little inspiration of what you could do with them once they have arrived all freshly printed and lovely. I am nearly at 350 photos and once I reach the round number, I will put in an order and see what happens :) Follow me on Instagram here!

13 Aug 2013

Shoes | Pointed

Classic heels are back! Various magazines and AW13 catwalks suggested that platforms are dead and the classic court is back. To be honest, this makes me very happy as I never really liked the clunkiness of platforms and adore the elegance of just a simple black heel. They are like the "little black dress": every woman should at least have one pair, they go with everything, they are appropriate for sooo many occasions and are so elegant. The five beautiful black, classic and plain courts above are quite similar and yet all a bit different - I wouldn't mind owning them all :)

12 Aug 2013

Instagram | Weekly

Friday treats in the office - old Company magazines - scrapbooking on Saturday night - blueberry cheesecake from Emphorium - refreshments - celebrating various birthdays at work - rainbow over the City - my new H&M jacket - yummy white choc Magnum - all alone on the tube platform - saw a super cute dresser at Heals - H&M <3 London - new kitchen planters - watching Bridget Jones - weekend's over :(

9 Aug 2013

Shop Love | TIGER

Place Mat // Glass Jar // Scrap Book // Alarm Clock // Lantern // Beads // Scented Candle // Earphones // Apple Tins // Umbrella // Origami Paper // Cake Stand// Heart Shaped Fyring Pan
Yesterday after work I walked around town a little and discovered a new shop called TIGER on Tottenham Court Road. First I didn't even want to inside as I had no intention of spending any money, but on second glance it looked very intriguing as the store was stuffed with cutsie things in bright colours. While I wondered around the shop floor, I found that they stock pretty much everything from home decor, over office supplies and kids toys to media gadgets, arts & crafts tools and party supplies. It felt very much like the home / decor section of IKEA (including the very affordable prices) but the guy at the till informed me that it's nothing to do with it, it's just also Scandinavian. I ended up buying 4 birthday cards and some fun geo print envelopes which cost a fraction of the price I would spend in a normal office supplies store. I am definitely going back in case I have a demand for "stuff" ;)

8 Aug 2013

Outfit | Smart Dots

I am going to an engagement party this Saturday and I thought about what I could wear to look smart but still casual because there will be an afternoon drinking event as well as a more formal dinner. I love my cropped GAP polka dot denims, they look really cute, and with a pair of smart heels and a pretty top they can become something very special and cool. I was thinking of adding a pop of colour with a bright clutch bag. I think I am good to go like this, let's just hope there won't be another heat wave so that I don't have to start planning all over again.

7 Aug 2013

DIY | Lifestyle Scrapbook

Usually my magazines accumulate for about a year or two before I decide to tidy up the whole lot. Before they find their way to the nearest bin I go through them all to make sure I don't throw away anything valuable. For example, I like to hang on to travel recommendations or suggestions for pubs, restaurants, museums and places, yummy looking recipes, interior design ideas, fashion tips and tricks, inspiring looks and images, beauty tips and tricks and images of products which interest me, as well as generally beautiful photos and interesting interviews. Either I start my tidy just in between seasons (i.e. Spring/Summer going to Autumn/Winter or vice versa) or I only do a tidy of magazines that are older than 3-6 months and just keep the newer ones for a little bit longer until I am 100% sure I won't need them in whole any more. With a glass (or two) of wine, I take to my huge pile of mags and rip out everything which I want to keep, plus funny or catchy phrases, headlines etc. with which I decorate the book later on. Once I am finished with this first step, I divide all images into five categories: Fashion, Beauty, Home, Travel and Food&Drinks. Then the scrapbooking begins; everything is allowed; the more glue I use, the more fun it will look in the end. I like to write little comments to most collages to make sure I remember exactly what I had in mind when the page / snippet got ripped out. I love it and it is such a great weekend activity. Afterwards I'll have a fun little style scrapbook which will never fail to inspire me! What do you do with your old mags?

6 Aug 2013

Shoes | Ankled

Currently we are in a phase where, despite the continuous sunshine, it is quite fresh outside and an occasional shower should never come as a surprise. I am not sure if this means the English summer is officially over, but it is definitely out of its hot-phase (hottest summer since 1976 apparently - on the English Isles anyway). But rather than getting depressed, I am starting to look into early Autumn clothing (as seen here) and shoes I can wear during the colder months. Last year I bought those studded Zara ankle boots which I loved but because of the heel (and also the flashy studs) I couldn't wear them as often as I would've liked to. So this year I am not making the same mistake and have started looking into flat, plain black ankle boots. The only question remaining is: Which ones to go for, they are all so pretty?!

5 Aug 2013

Books | Wishlist

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
Currently my book wishlist is quite long and it's dominated mainly by baking and cook books. I have come across the six above in various shops and online and think that although they may be quite similar, I need to have them all to make my collection complete. Do you have any favourite books from the kitchen shelf?

2 Aug 2013

Instagram | Weekly

the birthday of HRH little Prince George - finally my new Rubis Tweezers arrived - truly beautiful sky - love flat peaches - cheers to the weekend - blueberry pancakes for breakfast - and coffee of course - the most crystal clear view we have ever had, simply amazing - our new living room lamp (still wondering if orange is too much though and if we should exchange it for the white one) - flowers from my lovely colleagues while I was home sick - my first pair of TOMs arrived in the mail - strawberries & cream cooler from Costa to match my chinos :)

1 Aug 2013

Home | Love for Detail

Photo Creds
In my opinion, what makes a house a home are details. Little bits and bobs of decoration here and there, photos, flowers, tons of books, cushions and blankets (within reason) and candles. If you are living with a partner whose taste is quite different from your own then this can be a bit tricky sometimes, however, Joe and I are gradually managing to turn our 2 bedroom house into our home. We often come back to pieces that we discovered, discuss how and where we would have it in our house and we have even started looking at pieces of art / photography together. I will be sharing photos soon but until then I hope I can inspire you with the five photos above which are currently inspiring me.