7 Aug 2013

DIY | Lifestyle Scrapbook

Usually my magazines accumulate for about a year or two before I decide to tidy up the whole lot. Before they find their way to the nearest bin I go through them all to make sure I don't throw away anything valuable. For example, I like to hang on to travel recommendations or suggestions for pubs, restaurants, museums and places, yummy looking recipes, interior design ideas, fashion tips and tricks, inspiring looks and images, beauty tips and tricks and images of products which interest me, as well as generally beautiful photos and interesting interviews. Either I start my tidy just in between seasons (i.e. Spring/Summer going to Autumn/Winter or vice versa) or I only do a tidy of magazines that are older than 3-6 months and just keep the newer ones for a little bit longer until I am 100% sure I won't need them in whole any more. With a glass (or two) of wine, I take to my huge pile of mags and rip out everything which I want to keep, plus funny or catchy phrases, headlines etc. with which I decorate the book later on. Once I am finished with this first step, I divide all images into five categories: Fashion, Beauty, Home, Travel and Food&Drinks. Then the scrapbooking begins; everything is allowed; the more glue I use, the more fun it will look in the end. I like to write little comments to most collages to make sure I remember exactly what I had in mind when the page / snippet got ripped out. I love it and it is such a great weekend activity. Afterwards I'll have a fun little style scrapbook which will never fail to inspire me! What do you do with your old mags?