1 Dec 2013

Fashion | Winter Coats

Warehouse £95 // 2 ASOS £90 // 3 Mango £90 // 
French Connection £160 // 5 Mango £100 // 6 ASOS £70 // 
French Connection £175 // 8 Warehouse £95 // 9 Mango £110
I know it's only just the end of August, but I have already started looking into winter coats because if you start looking too late, you'll miss all the good ones and you might struggle finding one quickly when the cold hits you unexpectedly. Last year I made the bad mistake and got perhaps the most popular Zara coat there was (see here). At one point I was standing in a queue with about 10 other people and half of them, including myself, were wearing this coat. So this year, I will be buying something a little more plain or at least from a less popular / more expensive shop. Above you can see my 9 favourites and although I haven't totally made up my mind yet I am erring towards the first one. What do you think? x


  1. Echt creepy maar ik heb vannacht gedroomd dat ik een winterjas ging kopen! En nu lees ik je artikel, dat is eng!! :p Er hangen echt wel een paar mooie bij, zeker nummer 6 vind ik mooi! :)

    1. Hahaha, well done us for thinking of winter coats early this year :)