6 Aug 2013

Shoes | Ankled

Currently we are in a phase where, despite the continuous sunshine, it is quite fresh outside and an occasional shower should never come as a surprise. I am not sure if this means the English summer is officially over, but it is definitely out of its hot-phase (hottest summer since 1976 apparently - on the English Isles anyway). But rather than getting depressed, I am starting to look into early Autumn clothing (as seen here) and shoes I can wear during the colder months. Last year I bought those studded Zara ankle boots which I loved but because of the heel (and also the flashy studs) I couldn't wear them as often as I would've liked to. So this year I am not making the same mistake and have started looking into flat, plain black ankle boots. The only question remaining is: Which ones to go for, they are all so pretty?!

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