9 Aug 2013

Shop Love | TIGER

Place Mat // Glass Jar // Scrap Book // Alarm Clock // Lantern // Beads // Scented Candle // Earphones // Apple Tins // Umbrella // Origami Paper // Cake Stand// Heart Shaped Fyring Pan
Yesterday after work I walked around town a little and discovered a new shop called TIGER on Tottenham Court Road. First I didn't even want to inside as I had no intention of spending any money, but on second glance it looked very intriguing as the store was stuffed with cutsie things in bright colours. While I wondered around the shop floor, I found that they stock pretty much everything from home decor, over office supplies and kids toys to media gadgets, arts & crafts tools and party supplies. It felt very much like the home / decor section of IKEA (including the very affordable prices) but the guy at the till informed me that it's nothing to do with it, it's just also Scandinavian. I ended up buying 4 birthday cards and some fun geo print envelopes which cost a fraction of the price I would spend in a normal office supplies store. I am definitely going back in case I have a demand for "stuff" ;)


  1. So cute stuff!!I found out about a TIGER shop in Oldenburg, will check it out soon to grab some pretty knick-knack. Yay!

    1. They are sooo affordable, too! You should definitely check it out! x